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Kansas man missing for three weeks won't say much about it

The sons of Larry Schnackenberg say they still have most of the questions of everyone else about his puzzling disappearance for the past three weeks.

While they spend time by their father's hospital bed, they do not press closely, they said.

"It pains him so much," David Schnackenberg said. "He breaks down every time he tries to talk about it."

The family accepts that the man being treated for exposure, dehydration, poison ivy and insect bites at Shawnee Mission Medical Center is not ready to share details, even with them, David said.

"Although questions remain," he said, "we are simply enjoying the fact that he’s still in our lives." He and his brother Michael met with reporters this afternoon, but did not fill in many blanks.

Their sister, Kristen, who postponed her July 17 wedding ceremony, is flying in, they said.

Nor have police learned much from Larry Schnackenberg, but it was enough for investigators to say little more remains for them to do. For now, the police are closing the case.

"Just the fact that he disappeared and didn't want to be found is not a crime," said Officer Dan Friesen, Lenexa Police spokesman. "There is nothing to indicate any crime has been committed."

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