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Fresno father who tattooed son given prison time

Two Fresno gang members who admitted to inking a tattoo on a 7-year-old boy were sentenced Monday to prison.

Enrique Gonzalez, 27, who allowed his son to get the gang tattoo, was sentenced to six years in prison. Travis Gorman, 22, who inked the dog paw -- the symbol of the Bulldogs street gang -- on the boy's hip was sentenced to five years in prison.

The brief hearing in Fresno County Superior Court marked the end to a criminal case that drew widespread attention because the District Attorney's Office had wanted the two defendants to spend life in prison for tattooing the boy.

The boy told police that his father held him down on a couch while Gorman inked the tattoo during Easter break 2009. But a jury last month, determined the boy's account wasn't believable.

Jurors found Gonzalez and Gorman not guilty of mayhem, which would have carried a punishment of life in prison. The panel also deadlocked on lesser felony charges, prompting prosecutors to offer a plea agreement.

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