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Police: Man Tasered, fought with officers, jumped from roof

A University of Kentucky student was listed in critical condition Tuesday night hours after being shocked twice with a Taser and jumping off the roof of a two-story building.

Stephen W. Eidson, 23, was taken to UK Chandler Hospital shortly after police say he leaped off the roof. Police initially said Eidson had not suffered serious injuries in the fall.

Sherelle Roberts, spokeswoman for Lexington police, said Eidson appeared to be on drugs and was screaming incoherently when officers found him before 6 a.m. on the roof at 277 Lyndhurst Place, a fourplex near the University of Kentucky campus.

Roberts said the man attacked several officers who went up to the roof to talk him down. She said the man was shocked with a Taser twice, but Tasers "do not have the same debilitating effect on intoxicated individuals as they do on those who are sober."

After muttering something about "zombies," "spiders" and "Nissan Xterra," Roberts said, the man looked at officers and then jumped from the roof, injuring his back and both ankles.

A Nissan Xterra was parked behind the apartment complex near where he landed.

"He made the choice to jump off the roof," Roberts said.

After he landed, he got up and began fighting officers on the ground, Roberts said. The man was subdued and taken to the hospital.

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