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BTK killer's memorabilia on sale: $40 for some of his dirt

For $600, you can buy a handmade Halloween card that has been signed three times by serial killer Dennis Rader.

For $2,999.99, you can buy a manila envelope with an "original colored drawing of (the) Factor X creature that made him kill."

"Very significative and unusual collectible artwork," the seller says. "This superb piece is in excellent condition with 11 lines written in his hand."

For the budget-minded collector, $40 will buy dirt "obtained on location from BTK's (former) residence. Guaranteed authentic."

Although the amount of dirt isn't specified, the shipping weight is listed at 0.2 pounds.

Nearly five years after he was sent to prison for life for the murders of 10 people, Dennis Rader's name has become a staple on a half-dozen websites that specialize in "murderabilia"— collectibles related to notorious killers.

Those familiar with the industry said Rader probably isn't profiting from sale of his artifacts and may not be aware that they're being sold.

The notion that anyone is profiting from the killings is upsetting to Andy Kahan, director of the crime victims assistance program in Houston.

"From a victim's perspective, there's absolutely nothing more nauseating or disgusting than seeing items from the murderer of your loved one being hawked," Kahan said. "Frankly, it's blood money, plain and simple."

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