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Fort Worth police chief 'disgusted' over officer misconduct

FORT WORTH — Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead Wednesday announced the resignation of an officer, who was arrested for possessing marijuana and tampering with evidence, and said he will reorganize the department from the top down to place more sergeants and lieutenants in the field to supervise officers.

The arrest Wednesday morning of officer Wesley D. Lamb is the latest in a string of reports of misconduct involving Fort Worth police officers both on-duty and off.

Halstead said a special investigations unit that he created will continue to ferret out misconduct by officers in addition to auditing the entire department.

"To those very, very select few who think that you can stand against policy, that you can violate the public trust, I will find you and I will fire you," Halstead said.

Last week, an off-duty officer whose blood-alcohol level was at least twice the legal limit of intoxication, police officials have said, plowed into a house, knocking a couple from their bed.

In December, an off-duty officer who police say was speeding in a city vehicle with a blood-alcohol level of 0.17 crashed into car, killing a mother of two.

In addition, several traffic officers are under local and federal investigation on allegations that they falsely claimed overtime under the Strategic Traffic Enforcement program.

The department began investigating Lamb on Monday after a resident reported that the uniformed officer had recently been smoking marijuana in his patrol car while on duty.

"As soon as I heard, I was disgusted and I was furious," Halstead said.

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