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Cat set on fire but Merced veterinarian, rescue group come to her aid

Mango sat on the examining table at Dr. Christine McFadden's veterinary clinic and just purred away.

The little calico cat was friendly to everyone -- and that's amazing, considering what she went through last week.

Last Tuesday, someone set Mango on fire. Someone took lighter fluid, poured it on the cat, then set the cat on fire.

That day, Karen Kiil's daughter and grandson were moving into Kiil's home when Mango, the daughter's cat, escaped through an open door. Mango was an inside cat, a cat that loved everyone.

But someone didn't love Mango. When the cat got out, that unknown someone poured lighter fluid over the cat and set her alight.

"There were three little boys playing across the street when Mango went racing into the street, screaming in pain, with flames all over her," said Kiil. "The boys caught her and put out the flames. Thank goodness for those little boys."

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