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Mugly! is Texas men's twist on the crime blotter

FORT WORTH — It's a newspaper few would want to be in.

It's called Mugly!, and if you've been arrested in recent weeks, there's a chance you have graced the pages.

Begun Jan. 29 by two Austin men, the weekly features mug shots of those arrested in Fort Worth or in Dallas County. J. Martin Ward, one of the two creators, is quick to admit that his newspaper is somewhat low-brow with an often tongue-in-cheek approach.

Some of the more eye-catching mug shots are categorized under titles like "Handsome Hooligans," "Mugly Maidens" and "Heavenly Hair." Camera caught you in midblink? You might be under the section labeled "Eyes Wide Shut."

Self-promoting advertisements joke, "If you run ... You'll only look tired in our paper" and "Feel good about your bad hair day! Read Mugly!"

"We're not traditional. We don't have degrees in English literature over here," Ward said. "We didn't go to fancy schools of journalism, and we don't wear tweed. I think that's abundantly obvious. A lot of people will look down their noses because of that. That's fine, because there's already papers for those guys."

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