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California man sues police over Taser injury

Amid the debate over the use and possible abuse of Taser guns in Sacramento County and beyond, a lawsuit against Folsom and a number of its police officers was filed Wednesday on behalf of a man claiming lasting, debilitating injury.

Michael J. Daniels claims he was shot with a Taser for no reason and then handcuffed in a way that forced the prong further into his arm, penetrating a tendon and cutting through the top part of a nerve in his left wrist.

Daniels, 28, of Orangevale underwent surgery to remove the prong, but doctors were unable to repair the nerve, he claims in the suit.

He "continues to suffer from the significant nerve damage to his left hand and arm and has been unable to return to his work as a security alarm technician," the complaint says. "He is unable to perform even basic tasks with his left hand, including grabbing, holding and carrying items." He may require additional surgery to regain full use of his left hand and wrist, the complaint says.

Daniels was arrested, purportedly for resisting officers and disturbing the peace, but no charges were filed.

Folsom spokeswoman Sue Ryan said no city employee will comment on the suit.

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