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Everyone agrees this guy was the shooter. Now let's try him

SACRAMENTO — The prosecutor said the evidence is compelling and leaves "no question about what was done in this case and who did it" — and the defense attorneys agreed.

Now, the only questions left are whether Elk Grove shooting-spree gunman Aaron Norman Dunn murdered in the first or second degree and whether his penalty will result in life in prison or death.

While the legal battle will be resolved over the next couple of months, the wife of Michael John Daly told a Sacramento Superior Court jury Tuesday about the horror of hearing the shotgun explosion, of smelling the gunpowder, of watching the life bleed out of her husband in the attack that took place four years ago.

"It was like an open faucet coming out of Mike's head," Roberta Ramelli Daly testified, about the bloody aftermath of the shotgun blast that killed her husband. Her tears and pain triggered flushed expressions on the faces of some members of the jury.

Dunn is accused of murdering Daly, a 45-year-old Xerox salesman, and cameraman Johnie Ray Johnson, 46, in the Saturday night, March 25, 2006, attacks on Elk Grove's restaurant row on Laguna Boulevard.

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