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A violent family heritage: 4 brothers, 3 dead, one blind

The deadly shooting at the Dimond Center last weekend wasn't the first time the victim's family lost a son to violence. Nor the second.

When Edwing Valentine Matos, 29, was gunned down by a man in an "Afro" wig and fake mustache Saturday in a high-profile shooting during shopping prime time, he was the third of four brothers to be felled over the years. And the fourth was blinded by a gunshot to the head, according to a family friend.

The family was still dealing with the murder of their eldest son -- his killer was convicted in December -- when they learned Edwing Matos had been killed, said the father, Guillermo Matos, 55.

"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it," the father said in a brief interview Monday about when he heard of his son's death. "It's like a curse."

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