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Garridos ask for visiting right, sheriff objects

The El Dorado County sheriff is objecting to a request that Phillip and Nancy Garrido be allowed to visit each other in jail, saying it "is breathtaking in its audacity."

Lawyers for the pair say the two accused kidnappers of Jaycee Lee Dugard need to meet to make family decisions and that they must be allowed to discuss their pending court case.

But the sheriff's office ridicules the request, which will be heard in a court hearing Friday.

"The only justification offered by the Garrido co-defendants for their extraordinary request to visit each other is that they need to make 'family decisions,' " a court filing from Chief Assistant County Counsel Edward L. Knapp states.

"The pseudo-family the Garridos want to discuss was created by the kidnap, false imprisonment and multiple rapes of a young girl, producing two children. While it may be argued that a restoration of family values would improve the quality of American life in general, the assertion of family rights in a case where the 'family' was the product of 29 alleged felonies is astonishing."

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