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Merced police stop fire-bombing

Officers in the Merced Multi-Agency Task Force thwarted a firebombing attempt Tuesday night.

Four young men were arrested near the 200 block of Drakely Avenue in Atwater just as three of the suspects were lighting firebombs in front of a home they were targeting, according to an arrest report.

Agents with the task force were on watch near the home, after the Atwater Police Department's street crimes unit got a tip about the planned attack.

According to a police report, a white Honda SUV parked near the house around 10:40 p.m. Three men got out of the car, and a driver, 21-year-old Lawrence Garavito, left the scene.

The three men who got out of the car were in the process of lighting rags that stuck out the top of three 40-ounce King Cobra bottles filled with gasoline when officers flooded the area.

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