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Illinois seeks to declare convict a 'sexually violent person'

BELLEVILLE, Ill. — The Illinois Attorney General filed a petition on Wednesday asking a judge to find a former Belleville man -- who was convicted of molesting more than a dozen teenage boys -- a sexually violent person.

If a judge finds Danny Schwab, 42, is still a sexual threat, he could remain in a treatment facility until he is deemed safe for release. He is scheduled for release from the Illinois Department of Corrections on Feb. 28.

Dr. M. Bellew Smith, a state psychiatrist, conducted an evaluation on Feb. 2 that was attached to the petition that found Schwab was a homosexual pedophile with anti-social and narcissistic personality defects.

Under Illinois law, a sexually violent person is someone who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense and who is dangerous because he suffers from a mental disorder that makes it substantially probable that the person will engage in acts of sexual violence.

Schwab found his victims, all boys ranging in age from 9 to 16, at local teen hangouts, then plied them alcohol, drugs, pornography, skull rings and a pet snake before he fondled them and performed oral sex with them, usually at Schwab's Belleville home. He was known as "Dancing Danny" because he frequented teen raves and dance clubs to look for victims.

"I just want him to stay where he is so no one else gets hurt," said one of Schwab's victim's who is now 22.

Schwab told Smith during the 5 1/2 hour evaluation at Big Muddy River Correctional Center that he found teenage boys the most attractive, but he now wanted to develop a committed relationship with an adult male, get married and "have a honeymoon at a nice resort with rose petals."

Schwab's hearing is scheduled for Friday in St. Clair County.