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Woman pleads guilty to threatening to kill Bush, Obama

A Lexington, Ky., woman pleaded guilty Friday to making threats against former President Bush and President Obama, a statement from United States Attorney James Zerhusen said.

According to the statement, Susan Mary Collins, 48, admitted that on or around May 29, she threatened to kill Bush and Obama.

According to United States District Court records, Collins sent letters to both former President Bush and President Obama that contained death threats.

Patricia Ringler, Collins' sister, contacted the Lexington office of the Secret Service after learning of the letters, an affidavit said.

Collins told Secret Service Special Agent Joshua Fisher that she wanted to kill President Bush because he "sent our boys to war to finish what his father couldn't," Fisher said in an affadavit.

About Obama, she told Fisher: "Someone was going to eventually threaten to kill President Obama. It might as well be me," the affadavit said.

Collins said she would travel to Dallas to visit Bush if she wasn't arrested, and "she said she would then do 'whatever it takes to be arrested,'" according to the affadavit.

When asked how she planned to harm Bush, Collins told Fisher that she had access to hidden weapons, the affadavit said.

Collins is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court for sentencing May 13. She faces a maximum prison sentence of five years.