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Texas police pose as prostitutes on web to lure arrests

RLINGTON -- Prostitutes who used to rely on high heels and short skirts to attract customers now have access to higher-tech techniques, so Arlington police are changing their tactics as well.

On Wednesday, the Police Department announced a "You Never Know" campaign to try to disrupt the solicitation of sex through popular free online classified-ad-type sites. Officers will pose as prostitutes on the Web sites to lure would-be customers, Deputy Police Chief Jaime Ayala said.

"We have received a number of complaints about postings of what appear to be prostitution," Ayala said. Police have made a half-dozen recent arrests, including three people who were operating a sex business in a north Arlington hotel room, Ayala said.

Those arrests were made after a mother in New York informed police last week that she saw her 17-year-old runaway daughter in a sexually oriented ad on one of the Web sites, which Ayala did not name.

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