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In Modesto, school bus signs often ignored

A couple of weeks ago, a crossing guard stepped onto Conant Avenue to stop traffic in front of Chrysler Elementary School in Modesto.

The guard was wearing a bright vest and carried a stop sign. A group of children began to cross the street.

But one driver ignored the guard and drove past.

At that moment, a 10-year-old boy came bounding past the guard and ran right into the driver-side door of the Chevy Tahoe SUV.

"He suffered minor scrapes and will make a full recovery," police Sgt. Brian Findlen said. "But it could have been tragic."

That incident is under investigation. But traffic problems and bad driver habits are certainly not unique to Chrysler School, just as inconsiderate and dangerous drivers aren't limited to any one specific area of the city.

Each morning and afternoon, school bus drivers and crossing guards in Modesto end their shifts thankful when the children they are entrusted to protect make it to school and back home again, safe and sound.

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