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Census fears confusion over non-profit's '2010 Census of Senior Citizens'

The U.S. Census Bureau is in the business of counting people.

The Civic Council — a Maryland-based nonprofit that is behind the 2010 Census of Senior Citizens — is not. Instead, it gathers older Americans’ opinions and asks for their dollars.

So if recipients mistake the Civic Council's mailings for official U.S. census documents, the confusion is unintentional, said Thomas Cromwell, the Civic Council's president.

"I never, ever thought about it, frankly," Cromwell said of possible confusion about the mailings, which have been sent to thousands of seniors across the country, including people in the Kansas City area.

Some officials — including those in the FBI — are concerned.

"It just blared out at me that this is going to confuse anybody who sees it," said Don Reimal, the mayor of Independence. "It's very misleading."

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