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Miami jury recommends death for man who shot five in head

MIAMI — A Miami-Dade County criminal court jury has recommended that a man convicted of the 1997 execution-style killing of five men receive the death penalty.

After days of testimony in the penalty phase of the case, a jury said this week that Tavares Calloway, 31, should receive a death sentence for each of the five victims, who prosecutors said were shot in the head and left to die.

Looking to rob the victims, Calloway and his accomplice, Antonio Clark, had stormed am apartment in the Liberty City section of Miami, hogtied each of the men and duct-taped their mouths close.

For hours, the victims heard Calloway and Clark debate what their fate would be.

``The jury agreed with prosecutors that Calloway's methodical act of going from individual to individual and shooting each one in the head was a heinous act meriting the death penalty,'' said State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

``The families of the murdered victims have waited since 1997 to begin to put some closure to this awful incident,'' she said in a news release.

Clark, the accomplice, was sentenced to eight life terms for his role in the crime.

The jury's recommendation now goes to presiding Circuit Judge Dava Tunis, who will issue a final sentence.