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Police officer dismissed for shooting gun into air at party

FORT WORTH — A Fort Worth police officer has been fired for shooting his city-issued weapon into the air at a party after someone squirted him with a water pistol.

In an internal investigation, officer Edmon S. Fulkerson admitted that he had been drinking throughout the evening and that he did not initially remember the incident, according to a letter filed with the Civil Service Commission on Friday.

The indefinite suspension went into effect on Monday. Fulkerson, who has been with the department since March 2004, has appealed.

Fulkerson's attorney, Chris Barrett with the Combined Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas, said he disagrees with some of the purported facts outlined in the charging letter and looks forward to a hearing in which the city must prove what they allege happened.

In addition, Barrett said he believes the discipline handed down by the department is extremely harsh.

"While we don't downplay its seriousness and we realize there's some accountability to be hand, termination is just grossly excessive in this case," Barrett said.

According to the letter, Fulkerson was off-duty when he attended the party at a police officer's home in Burleson on the evening of July 31.

The letter states Fulkerson admitted to internal investigation that he had been drinking beer and a couple mixed drinks through the evening and that his faculties were impaired. The letter states he told investigator that he did not immediately remember the incident but that "memory of the events began to return after several days."

According the letter, Fulkerson was sitting near the pool in the backyard of the home in the early morning hours of Aug. 1 when someone squirted him with a water pistol.

"Officer Fulkerson 'became angry', drew his City issued Sig .40 caliber firearm from a holster in his waistband and discharged the weapon one time into the air," the letter states.

The letter states that after the shot was fired, other off-duty officers at the party secured Fulkerson's weapons and arranged a ride home for him.

The letter points out that the shooting occurred in a residential neighborhood in which houses are closely surrounded by others.