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Alaskan probation officer charged with trading clean drug tests for sex

A state probation officer was arrested Tuesday on allegations that he lied on a probationer's drug testing paperwork in exchange for sex and cash, according to Anchorage police.

James Stanton, 53, was arrested on official misconduct and felony bribery charges at the Nesbett Courthouse, where he works in the state Department of Health and Human Service's Alcohol Safety Action Program, a treatment program often court-ordered for probationers.

Police say a woman on probation approached them several days ago to report she had been providing sex and money to Stanton, who supervised her to ensure she was in compliance with her conditions of probation.

Stanton is accused of certifying that her court-ordered drug and alcohol urinalysis results came back clean, although the woman admits she was using those substances at the time, police said. Failure to deliver a clean drug or alcohol result in the periodic tests can result in jail time.