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N.C. speed trap campaign has success, but not a name

Law enforcement agencies look smart when they work together to promote public safety. But they look dumb when they can't even agree on a single slogan and clear, coordinated public info about something as basic as a statewide speed-trap campaign.

The Highway Patrol (part of the Dept. of Crime Control and Public Safety) outhustled the Governor's Highway Safety Program (part of NCDOT) this morning when it released numbers of speeding and other tickets issued during its recent two-week statewide "Operation Slow Down" program. Troopers wrote tickets for 46,913 violations, including 21,305 for speeding.

Minutes later, the Governor's Highway Safety Program issued more comprehensive info. While the Highway Patrol only mentioned its own ticket-count, the GHSP reported on the efforts of city cops, county deputies and state troopers statewide. Along with its own pet slogan, "No Need 2 Speed," the GHSP graciously referred to the Highway Patrol and its program as well.

Here are the larger stats from GHSP: During the two weeks that ended Nov. 29, all the various state and local cops cited 31,760 motorists for speeding. In all, they wrote citations for 83,118 criminal and traffic violations.

Along the way, they grabbed 98 stolen cars and "615 fugitives from justice."