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Incest porn found in home of child-sex case suspect

A search of the Independence,Mo., home of the man at the center of Mohler child sex case turned up incest pornography, recording equipment and old tapes with hand-written titles.

Magazines with titles of “Family Taboo,” “Best of Family Secrets” and “Best of Family Touch” were found in a locked file cabinet in the home in the 1300 block of South Dodgion during a Nov. 11 search.

Burrell Mohler Sr., 77, is in jail in Lexington, Mo., after his arrest last week on allegations of a family child sex case that included rape, sodomy and bestiality. His four sons were also charged for a torrent of alleged sexual assaults in which the family victims were allegedly as young as 5 years old.

The sons are Burrell Mohler Jr., 53; David Mohler, 52; Jared Mohler, 48; and Roland Mohler, 47. A brother of Burrell Mohler Sr., Darrel Mohler, is also charged in the case.

Newly filed court affidavits say the search at Burrell Mohler Sr.’s house was conducted after his wife told investigators that Mohler kept incest pornography. Investigators said found those articles in the recovered magazines described sexual intercourse between family members. Fourteen VHS tapes, some with home-made titles, were found with recording equipment and sex toys. Several pistols, rifles and shotguns also were taken, as well as four computers.

The wife said she and her husband had lived on separate levels of the house since she found the pornography in a false ceiling in the basement.

The Rural Missouri Major case squad, which was working with the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department, ended its role in the case today.