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Sacramento principal seriously injured breaking up fight

The principal of West Sacramento's River City High School is recovering at home from serious injuries he suffered while trying to break up a fight involving a number of students outside the cafeteria Oct. 28.

Stuart MacKay, who had a concussion and neck injuries, said Monday he doesn't remember everything that occurred that Wednesday.

"A couple of kids said I may have been kicked during the incident," he said. "They indicated it was on purpose."

Three weeks later, MacKay isn't able to return to work.

"The doctors said head trauma can go away quickly or last for weeks or months," MacKay said. "Sometimes I go to find a word or phrase, and I'm left with my mouth open. I don't recall everything that happened. I have short-term memory issues."

No criminal charges were filed based on the understanding that MacKay's injuries were inadvertent, West Sacramento Police Chief Dan Drummond said Monday.

He said police investigators might revisit the case based on MacKay's statements to The Bee on Monday.

Discipline was left to school officials, Drummond said.

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