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New charges against family in Missouri child-rape case

KANSAS CITY — With a new victim alleging more past sexual atrocities against the children of the Mohler family, 15 more counts came Monday against five of the six men already named.

Authorities of Lafayette County, east of Kansas City, last week accused six Mohler men of 16 counts, alleging a torrent of rape, sodomy and bestiality against children barely in elementary school.

Burrell Mohler Sr. and his four sons are accused of participating in the decade-long abuse that reportedly included “mock weddings” in which girls as young as 5 were matched with grown men.

The men are due in court for a formal arraignment on the earlier charges at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Lexington.

The new charges are against Burrell E. Mohler Jr., 53, Jared Mohler, 48, Roland Mohler, 47, and David Mohler, 52, and their father, 77. All five defendants were arrested last week and remain jailed in Lexington.

The latest victim allegedly told investigators that when she was 6, David Mohler raped her on the ground in a chicken coop. She also said that when she was 7, she and her sister were in bed when Burrell Mohler Jr. entered the room. When she called him by name, he allegedly told them he wasn’t that person but “the bad twin.” Then he allegedly raped them both.

On yet another occasion, she said Jared Mohler put her on his lap and began to rock back and forth with her. When Burrell Mohler Sr. passed the open doorway, he looked inside and allegedly said, “That’s my boy.”

With that encouragement, Jared then raped her, court documents stated.

Burrell Mohler Sr.’s brother, Darrel Mohler, of Florida, is also charged in the investigation that authorities says is producing alleged victims all over the country and continent.

Darrel Mohler initially said he would fight extradition to Missouri, but officials said late today he had changed his mind. He is scheduled to appear before a Florida judge at 9 a.m. Tuesday.