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Tawdry details emerge in Miami custody case between stripper and priest

The already sordid tale of the Rev. David Dueppen and his baby's mother, former stripper Beatrice Hernandez, turned even tawdrier Tuesday as the two traded intimate and bizarre allegations in a Miami-Dade courtroom.

Dueppen said he'd been abused as a child, making him unable to resist Hernandez's demands for sex.

Hernandez said Dueppen threatened to ``disappear her'' by sending monks in brown robes to ``shoot'' her if she revealed the baby's existence to the church.

The three-hour hearing in domestic violence court ended in a draw: A restraining order was dismissed, and both parties agreed to stay away from each other while continuing their custody battle for 11-month-old Marilyn Epiphany.

``The crib's ready,'' Dueppen, 42, said after the hearing, his first public appearance since the scandal surfaced in September.

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