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Report: Dugard initially denied her identity in kidnapping

When Jaycee Lee Dugard resurfaced in August, she denied being the 11-year-old girl kidnapped in 1991 and defended Phillip Garrido as a "great person."

She became defensive as officers questioned her, then asked for a lawyer. She tried to convince police she was fleeing an abusive husband in Minnesota.

And then the young woman who had tried to pass herself off as "Alyssa" told police the truth, ending the 18-year mystery of her disappearance.

The account of how police discovered on Aug. 26 that Dugard was alive is contained in a state inspector general's report released Wednesday.

Although the focus of the report is on how California parole agents supervising Garrido missed chances to discover Dugard, it contains details of the final days of her captivity.

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