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Mother flings billiard balls at prowlers in Fort Worth area

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- A couple of burglars caught a bad break.

Standing on her roof, a 27-year-old woman thwarted an attempted burglary Wednesday afternoon when she pelted two men at the front of her home with billiard balls.

"I made it to the back door, climbed a tree and onto the roof," Paula Ollie said. "I went to the front of the house and yelled 'Death from above’ and started throwing the pool [table] balls."

Ollie said she was accurate.

"I nailed him in the back," Ollie said, referring to one man who was near a bedroom window. "I then started throwing at the one at the front door and got him, but I don’t know where I hit him. I did miss once because there’s a dent in the front door."

The cursing men ran for their lives, holding their arms above their heads to protect themselves.

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