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Man cited for working in yard wearing nothing but shoes

FORT WORTH, Texas — Add this to the list of things that should never be done in the nude.

A 71-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct Sunday after he was spotted trimming his back yard in the buff.

A Fort Worth deputy city marshal discovered the man's unconventional approach to yardwork Sunday afternoon while on bike patrol near Lake Worth. According to a Fort Worth police report, the man was naked except for shoes.

Upon seeing the deputy approaching, the man dropped the weed trimmer and ran inside his home. After repeated requests by the deputy, he emerged again, wearing shorts.

The man told the deputy that he'd worked in the nude in his back yard before and believed that it was private enough to shield him from others' view. Police said parts of the chain-link fence do not have privacy slats.

The deputy also pointed out to the man that he lives across the street from a park and along a heavily traveled road. After checking his record to ensure that he is not a sex offender, the deputy issued the man the Class C misdemeanor citation.