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Sting catches man who said he'd drown girls for sex thrills

MIAMI — To satisfy his sexual perversion, Jeffrey Doland flew to Miami to meet Kathy, a woman he met online who agreed to let him forcibly dunk her two young girls in a pool or bathtub "until the bubbles stop rising,'' prosecutors say.

Not so, say Doland's defense attorneys -- they countered that the lonely tech worker was simply spinning Internet fiction in hopes of wooing a new love.

Neither side disputes this: There was no Kathy. And no preteen daughters named Kelly and Sam.

Doland was actually chatting with an undercover U.S. Secret Service agent and flew to Miami from his home in Ohio in July 2007 before he was hauled away in handcuffs.

His trial began Monday -- and the details left some jurors wide-eyed.

Doland, 47, a school district tech worker from Uniontown, Ohio, is charged with a slew of attempted sex and child abuse crimes. The make-believe victims were 12 and 9.

U.S. Secret Service Agency Eric Adams testified that, while posing as a single mother on the Yahoo chat room fetishes14, Doland offered him $500 to allow him to dunk the girls so he could achieve sexual gratification while wearing ``skimpy trunks.''

On Monday, prosecutors David Sherman and Charlie Johnson read the "struggle and bubble'' chat entries from Doland, who acknowledged writing them under the screen name dunkingstool.

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