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Abduction suspect spoke of schizophrenia, sexual desires

PITTSBURG, Calif. — The owner of an auto dismantling business frequented by Phillip Garrido said the man accused of kidnapping, raping and fathering two children with Jaycee Dugard was trying to understand schizophrenia and his struggles with sexual desires.

Cheyvonne Molino, who owns JM Enterprizes on Willow Pass Road with her husband, said she is not defending Garrido, but said Garrido felt he was on the road to recovery from his struggles.

She also said he tried to reach out for help.

"He realized he had a problem and tried to reach out and tell the world about it, the authorities about it, but they ignored him," Molino told The Bee on Saturday.

Garrido wrote a four-page manifesto of his philosophy and recently gave it to one of Molino's employees.

In it, he cites Bible verses and talks about his struggles with sexual desires and the thought process he went through to overcome those desires.

"This information is designed to send a message to all branches of law enforcement, educators, and therapists worldwide to know there is a powerful reason people are unable to control the impulses that drive humans to commit such dysfunctional acts," he wrote.

"Out of control behavior is everywhere, in every walk of life undermining the lives of its many victims," Garrido wrote. "The degree to which we vividly imagine an experience determines how it is stored in our subconscious as reality. Here is where a sexual predator (or any poor behavior) reinforces its (sic) self as the negative self-image is moving itself towards the problem."

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