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Too drunk to think straight? Man ignores advice, gets arrested

TURLOCK, Calif. — When a police officer notices you're intoxicated, and tells you not to drive, it's probably best to heed that advice.

A Turlock man failed to do that, and minutes later, was arrested near the Turlock Police Department on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Lorenzo Aguilar, 58, entered the Police Department on Thursday to discuss something with police when an officer suspected he was intoxicated, according to Capt. Mike Langston.

Aguilar wasn't in such bad shape to be arrested for public intoxication, Langston said, but was told to either find a ride home or call a cab.

"With public intoxication, you have to be unable to care for yourself," Langston said. "There are a lot of functioning alcoholics who can care for themselves and aren't falling down drunk. They are not a danger unless they drive.

"(Aguilar) fit that category."

A police officer in the parking lot was given Aguilar's description. When Aguilar left the station, got into his car and pulled away, the officer stopped him moments later.

Langston said Aguilar was given a breathalyzer test, and his blood-alcohol level was found to be more than three times the legal limit of 0.08.

"The thing about it was the officer was parked in a place where (Aguilar) could see him," Langston said