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A tale of two prisons: Tamms vs. Alcatraz

Alcatraz, built on a rock in the San Francisco Bay, was America's most-notorious prison. Here's a look at conditions at Tamms compared with Alcatraz:

A typical day at Alcatraz:

Guards came through at 6:30 a.m. shouting "wake up." A prisoner had 30 minutes to get dressed and stand at attention in front of his open cell.

A guard would then walk by and inspect each inmate. If all was well, a whistle sounded at 7 a.m. and men walked single file to the dining room known as "Times Square." Loud talk was not tolerated.

After breakfast, inmates were led to jobs in the prison industry building or into the yard, which was surrounded by high walls. Inmates could play softball, but the rule was that a ball hit over the wall was an out.

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