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Workers fired for impaling chipmunks with nail guns

LACEY, Wash. — Animal Services is investigating two construction workers who might have used nail guns to impale two Townsend’s chipmunks at a job site in the 8000 block of 28th Court near Hawks Prairie, killing the animals.

Townsend's chipmunks are on a list of protected species under Washington law, Animal Services director Susanne Beauregard said. Killing animals on such a list is a misdemeanor.

Greg Bailey, the owner and contractor for the construction project on 28th Court, said he fired the two subcontractors after he confronted them Wednesday and they admitted to shooting the chipmunks with nail guns. He said the two men were doing framing work at the site.

"I can't even believe they did it," Bailey said. "I'm just appalled."

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