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FBI: N. Carolina suspect trained in Connecticut terror camps

An FBI agent testified Tuesday that terrorism suspect Daniel Boyd told him he had attended terror camps in Connecticut in the late 1980s and three more in Pakistan, where he learned about hand-to-hand combat and the use of military firearms.

As a bond hearing began Tuesday for Boyd and six other suspects accused of plotting to kill and die in the name of Islam, agent Michael Sutton said authorities found an identification card suggesting his membership in Pakistani terror groups. The card's front said in Arabic: "monotheism, jihad, power," though the FBI translator wasn't certain of the last word. It was dated 1989.

Sutton also told U.S. Magistrate William Webb that Boyd had said it is the duty of Muslims to kill non-Muslims and non-believers. He then played a recording of Boyd's voice, which said in part, "The blood of Muslims has become cheap in the marketplace. It has become cheap because Muslims have abandoned the jihad."

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