Schwarzenegger to declare partial victory on California budget

Nearly six years after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to "blow up the boxes" of state government, he is ready to declare partial victory from the budget package lawmakers will consider Thursday.

Schwarzenegger pushed for numerous changes to "business as usual" in state government — from eliminating various commissions to killing automatic cost-of-living increases in welfare grants — as part of the deal to close a $26.3 billion shortfall.

"Of course, it's a never-ending process, so we should not think we're finished with it, and we should continue reforming," Schwarzenegger said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

In a massive package of more than two dozen bills, however, containing more than $15 billion in cuts ranging from public schools to social services, the changes cited by Schwarzenegger represent only a small slice of the budget-balancing pie.

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