U.S. plan for Guantanamo detainees: Divide and conquer

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, alleged 9/11 mastermind, could be coming to a lockup in America. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon.

President Barack Obama's order to empty the U.S. prison camps in Cuba is designed to avoid a Guantanamo North on American soil by scattering the 245 detainees between federal trials and shipping some overseas by this time next year.

The order doesn't rule out new military commissions at domestic bases.

To achieve the president's goal, the Cabinet-level task force weighing the options must determine whether intelligence should be declassified for criminal trials on U.S. soil.

The order encourages trial in federal courts as an alternative to the war crimes tribunals that were suspended last week. The plan could spread the detainees around, rather than consolidate them in one place.

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