Space available on some inaugural bus tours

For Midlands residents who are still considering attending the presidential inauguration, there is room on a number of buses headed for Washington, D.C., according to tour bus companies and groups that have organized trips to the nation's capital.

And the cost is not as expensive as you might think.

Those with seats left to sell say news of $500-a-night hotel rooms and a faltering economy and fears of nightmarish Washington, D.C., gridlock have caused some who were interested in attending to decide to stay home.

There were roughly 100 seats available Monday among five groups organizing trips that were contacted by The State.

Two groups reported cancellations, suspecting the cost of the trip and time away from work have caused some who made plans earlier to reconsider weeks before the event.

"I had tons of calls (and reservations), and I’ve had six people who’ve paid me so far,” said James Starnes, who is looking to seat 30 more people on the bus he has reserved.

Starnes said his trip is the perfect option for anyone who is worried about cost. A seat on his bus is $100, the cheapest rate The State has been able to find so far.

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