Texas student brain dead after Cancun tourist boat sinks

Parents confirmed Monday that graduates of a Grand Prairie, Texas, high school were passengers on a tourist boat that went down in the waters off Cancun, Mexico, on Saturday.

The parents estimated the number of Grand Prairie students at six to eight.

Quintana Roo state police chief Luis Felipe Ortiz said one of the students, Lissa Thang Chung, suffered heart and lung failure after nearly drowning Saturday and had been declared brain dead, though she remained attached to a respirator on Monday. The girl's mother, Danh Thikim Chung, is in Cancun.

Another parent, Pat Dailey, said her daughter described a chaotic scene in which passengers on the boat were ordered into the water, then became trapped. She said her daughter remembered little about her rescue. "She just remembers that there was some guy in blue trunks," she said.

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