California vote goes on — in the back of a pickup truck

MODESTO, Calif. — Voters found their normal polling place closed Tuesday at Unity Church of Modesto. But neither rain, nor hail nor locked doors will stop an election.

Lois Aldimer, the election team leader at the church location, said the county had used the church as a polling place several times before. "I was here last night and made sure — they said somebody would be here to open at 6," Aldimer said.

But when no one showed up to open the church, she set up shop anyway — in the back of a covered Chevrolet pickup. Aldimer said if the pickup hadn't been there, she'd have found another way to open on time. "I'd do it out of the trunk of my car if I had to." Voters seemed to take the change in stride. One poll worker noted that "It's a nice day and a nice neighborhood."

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