Sunday hours drawing voters in North Carolina early voting

Some voters who drove and walked to the polls Sunday remembered a time when church doors were nearly the only things open the first day of the week.

But now with malls, restaurants and golf courses doing business on Sundays, and with politicians making stops at churches part of their vote-gathering routine, casting ballots on a Sunday didn't seem odd to those who used part of the afternoon to do so.

Annette and Alexander Coburn, pastors of a small church in Raleigh, attended a rally Sunday organized by Sen. Barack Obama's campaign after their morning service. About 200 people gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Gardens in Southeast Raleigh for a walk to voting booths about a mile away. For the Coburns, devotion to their ministry blended easily with their exercise in democracy. The young people in their church are excited about the election, and the Coburns have encouraged them to vote.

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