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Excerpts from e-mails on the impact of gasoline prices

"The cost of gas matters...Yet, I also welcome the high costs of gasoline if it forces us to an awareness of how destructive burning fossil fuels is and forces us to change. I absolutely oppose more production of fossil fuels, and urge you to take alternative energy sources seriously: wind, solar, and support these with the kind of subsidies you so easily give to agriculture. My 'story' is outrage that government has given so little though to alternatives." Darrell, Ashton

"Congress needs to get moving and do something productive about our country's energy plan. ANWR, offshore drilling, etc., should be used immediately. Enough of our environmentalists trying to block every attempt to increase our own production. Nuclear power is a no-brainer. It is time we take back our own country and for Congress to do something — leading, not political bickering, would be a refreshing idea." Dale, Meridian

"The United Sates has a chance to be at the forefront of research into whatever technology will ultimately replace petroleum-based energy. Instead of the U.S. depending on foreign oil, why not make the rest of the world dependent on U.S. company patents for whatever ultimately replaces petroleum as the leading energy technology?" Todd, Boise

"If nuclear energy can be utilized safely, let's use it. Let's use wind turbines. Let's utilize solar farms on our vast acreage of public lands here in Idaho. We must act before our economy is destroyed. It will take decades to repair the damage if Congress doesn't act now." Kirt and Janet, Malta

"Can you please explain to me why the Republican Congress did nothing to confront this issue four years ago when they controlled all three branches of the government? You knew then that there was an energy crisis and that it would get worse. Yet no proactive legislation was passed to confront the issue or to increase production...why?" Unsigned, Coeur d'Alene

"I watched part of a program on PBS where communities are pooling together and buying wind mills to power their towns, and the people in the communities profited from the project through little or no cost for power. Why can't we get something started like that in Idaho? If for no other reason, it would give the wind a reason to stop blowing." Kathy, Twin Falls

"There is no public transportation out where I live in Kuna, so I have to bite the bullet and pay these exorbitant prices at the pump, do without going to the movies, out to dinner or buying the new pair of sandals I need for the summer...Sure hope Congress gets going and allows us to start drilling for our own oil!" Louise, Kuna

"We do not need lower gas taxes. We need better public transportation. We need leadership that encourages conservation. We need investment in education and research that has the promise of providing a future for our children that is not dependent on nations who do no have our best interests in mind. We have always had independent minds in Idaho. Let's have clean, sustainable energy independence as well." Patricia, Idaho

"We have oil in Alaska; we have oil in Texas. Drill more here; supply ourselves. Why are we shipping oil out? Why not keep our oil here so that OPEC can't hold us up at the bank?" Claudia, Nampa

"The technology exists today to almost double gas mileage in vehicles, but our government can't even get the car manufacturers to comply with federal fuel consumption guidelines, which are a pittance. There has not been a significant breakthrough in vehicle gas mileage from the major carmakers for over 10 years. This is not only inexcusable, it is a major factor in the reason that GM and Ford have fallen on hard times the last several years." Bob, Boise

"I am an over-the-road truck driver, and these fuel prices are killing us. Where is it going to stop? We need to drill in ANWR, and off our East and West coasts. And we need more refineries. It seems to be like Washington D.C. does not care for the working class people anymore." Roger, Chubbuck

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