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Email Letter regarding Nancy A. Youssef's story

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 10:26:31 -0400

To: Wash Buro Web

Subject: U.S combat deaths in Iraq halfed in 3 months; reasons unclear

Letter to the editor, Your Web sight says 'Truth to the Power.' So far from what I read from the Mcclatchy Newspapers, you couldn't find the truth if your lives depended on it. It should read, Liberals create their own lies, then believe their own lies and then call everyone stupid for not believing their lies. Can you say Global WARMING?? Mcclatchy is more like hate America, blame America and create every false reality to support Liberal propaganda. How embarrassing and what's worse is that you behave like no one can see through this transparency?? Gee, do you think the drop in U.S. deaths could be that the Surge is WORKING?? Do you have any common sense? With Liberals, that would be out of the question. President Bush is 10,000 miles ahead of this newspaper, and lets face it, you won't be catching up either. Common sense is just not so common. The stupidity with Liberals is just ENDLESS. Rick MorrowPhoenix