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A look at changes in Iraq over the past year

A statistical profile of change in Iraq since President Bush's last State of the Union address one year ago follows.

The first number is as of Jan. 31, 2005, and the second is as of Jan. 31, 2006:

U.S. military deaths: 1,415; 2,242

U.S. military wounded: 10,622; 16,606

U.S. troop strength: 150,000; 136,000

Number of daily insurgent attacks: 61; 75

Number of multiple fatal bombings per month: 28; 30

Number of car bombings per month (thru Dec. 2005): 65; 30

Number of Iraqi security forces: 125,000; 273,000

Estimated number of insurgents: 18,000; 15,000-20,000

Estimated number of insurgents detained or killed: 33,450; 54,450

Estimated number of Iraqi military and police deaths: 1,300; 4,059

Crude oil production (millions of barrels per day): 2.1; 1.78

Monthly oil revenue from exports: $1.49 billion; $0.84 billion

Daily average hours of electricity in Baghdad/nationwide: 9/9; 3.2/10.2

Monthly output of electricity in megawatts: 78,925; 86,000

Estimated unemployment rate: 27-40 percent; 25-40 percent

U.S. aid disbursed for reconstruction: $3.9 billion; $12.7 billion

Amount of U.S. aid appropriated: $20.9 billion; $20.9 billion

Percentage of Iraqis who believe country is headed in right direction (through Dec. 2005): 49 percent; 49 percent

Percentage of Iraqis who believe country is headed in wrong direction: 39 percent; 36 percent

Percentage of Iraqis who don't know: 10 percent ;12 percent


Sources: U.S. fatalities and wounded—Pentagon, all other—Brookings Iraq Index, Polling Data - International Republican Institute


(c) 2006, Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.