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Themes and proposals from Bush's speech

WASHINGTON—President Bush struck a number of big themes and offered several specific policy proposals in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Among them:

_Dramatically reduce dependence on Mideast oil by 2025 by developing ethanol fuels and new hybrid-technology and hydrogen-powered autos, spurred by increased federal research.

_Increase consumer control over health expenses by expanding tax breaks for out-of-pocket health care costs and expanding use of tax-free health savings accounts.

_Isolationism and protectionism lead to national decline. America must remain engaged in the world and lead.

_Stay the course in Iraq and in the war on terrorism.

_Form a bipartisan commission to examine the impact of baby boom retirement on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and recommend reforms.

_Reform immigration to toughen border enforcement and allow in guest workers.

_Increase spending on clean-energy research, including solar, wind and nuclear power.

_Train 70,000 more high school teachers to teach Advanced Placement science and math.


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