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Few businesses have reopened in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS—Many downtown skyscrapers are still empty and major employers such as Entergy Corp., have—at least temporarily—moved out of this city.

Some hospitals are open, and some are offering partial services. Louisiana State University Health Care Services Division's two New Orleans hospitals were devastated by the hurricane and remain closed.

The city's public schools are closed. Officials hope to begin opening some of them in mid-November, and applications for 20 charter schools have been approved.

Some private schools are open.

Rail transportation to the city and a cruise line have resumed service.

The port reopened for cargo traffic in mid-September and is expected to be operating at close to full capacity by March.

Approximately 10,000-12,000 hotel rooms are currently available and 22,000 are expected to be open by January.


(Brueggeman reports for the Belleview (Ill.) News Democrat.)


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