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Regional offices and remanded cases

A ranking of veterans benefits cases that, once appealed, must be redone.

Regional Office—Total appeals acted on—percent of them remanded

Huntington, W.Va.—1,320—52.5 percent

Boston—1,321_ 51.2 percent

Columbia, S.C.—3,095—50.1 percent

Montgomery, Ala.—4,217—49.9 percent

Houston—2,214—49.7 percent

Wilmington, Del.—182—49.5 percent

Salt Lake City—383—49.3 percent

Baltimore—707—48.8 percent

Atlanta—2,152—48.7 percent

Denver—1,014—48.1 percent

Little Rock, Ark.—2,316—47.8 percent

Pittsburgh—2,420—47.8 percent

Reno, Nev.—863—47.7 percent

Boise, Idaho—482—47.5 percent

New York—1,730—46.7 percent

Newark, N.J.—1,289—46.7 percent

Cleveland—2,610—46.7 percent

Chicago—1,826—46.3 percent

Los Angeles—2,349—46.3 percent

Roanoke, Va.—1,869—46.1 percent

New Orleans—2,421—46.1 percent

St. Petersburg, Fla.—5,762—45.8 percent

Oakland, Calif.—1,576—45.8 percent

Nashville, Tenn.—2,715—45.0 percent

Muskogee, Okla.—1,813—44.2 percent

Togus, Maine—482—44.2 percent

Washington, D.C.—666—44.0 percent

Philadelphia—1,454—43.7 percent

Winston-Salem, N.C.—2,690—42.5 percent

Wichita, Kan.—949—42.4 percent

St. Louis—2,116—42.3 percent

San Diego—740—42.0 percent

White River Junction, Vt.—169—42.0 percent

Jackson, Miss.—1,877—41.9 percent

Buffalo, N.Y.— 1,620—41.9 percent

Seattle—893—41.8 percent

Albuquerque, N.M.—801—41.7 percent

Detroit—2,312—41.7 percent

Hartford, Conn.— 628—41.6 percent

Honolulu—207—41.1 percent

Portland, Ore.—1,315—40.4 percent

Phoenix— 1,594—40.3 percent

Waco, Texas_ 4,112—40.1 percent

Manchester, N.H.—360—40.0 percent

Louisville, Ky.—1,268—39.0 percent

Providence, R.I.—268—38.8 percent

Cheyenne, Wyo.—242—38.4 percent

Indianapolis—1,305—38.2 percent

Fort Harrison, Mont.— 364—37.4 percent

Des Moines, Iowa—418—37.1 percent

Milwaukee, Wis.— 492—37.0 percent

Lincoln, Neb.—1,174—36.0 percent

Anchorage, Alaska—149—32.2 percent

Fargo, N.D.—226—30.1 percent

Sioux Falls, S.D.—246—30.1 percent

St. Paul, Minn.—803—25.0 percent

TOTALS—87,025—44.3 percent

Source: Knight Ridder analysis of VA appeals data for combined fiscal years 2002, 2003 and 2004.


(c) 2005, Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.

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