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Other investigations into military prison abuses

Other reports and investigations into military prison abuses:

_November 2003: Maj. Gen. Donald Ryder, the Army's provost marshal, investigates Iraq's Abu Ghraib and other prisons, concluding, among other things, that there are problems with the training of military police.

_February 2004: The International Committee of the Red Cross gives its final report to the U.S. military citing abuses against Iraqi prisoners by the U.S. military.

_March 2004: Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba reports to his commanding officers on abuses against detainees in Abu Ghraib prison by U.S. military guards and officers.

_July 2004: The Army's inspector general, Lt. Gen. Paul T. Mikolashek, reports on abuses in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He concludes that inadequate training and a lack of experienced interrogators led to abuse, and that it was carried out by only a few individuals.

_Ongoing investigations: Army Maj. Gen. George Fay is expected to report Wednesday on the actions of military interrogators in the abuse of prisoners.


Sources: Federal News Service, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, others.


(Compiled by researcher Tish Wells.)


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