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Key dates in U.S.-Iraq relations

1925—U.S. signs agreement for one-fifth of Turkish Petroleum Co., which controls Iraq oil fields.

1967—Iraq breaks relations with United States as it enters Six-Day War against Israel.

1972—Iraq nationalizes oil company.

1980—Iran-Iraq war starts.

1982—U.S. removes Iraq from terrorist list.

1983—Donald Rumsfeld visits Saddam Hussein.

1984—U.S. renews relations, begins supplying Iraq with "dual technology" goods.

1988—Iraq gasses Kurds and Iranians, war ends.

1989—The first President Bush signs Directive 26, which offers Iraq incentives if Saddam moderates his views.

1990—Iraq invades Kuwait.

1991—U.S. diplomats leave Baghdad before a U.S. air campaign that begins in January. A ground offensive in February drives the Iraqis from Kuwait.

1993—Kuwaitis announce they have broken up an Iraqi plot to assassinate the first President Bush as he was visiting Kuwait.

1998—Iraq expels U.N. weapons inspectors.

2001—The current President Bush promises at his inauguration to invigorate sanctions against Iraq.

2002—U.N. Security Council unanimously agrees to send inspectors back to Iraq. U.S. begins call-up of reservists and National Guard members in preparation for military action.


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