White House

White House welcomes thousands for annual Easter Egg Roll

Thousands of kids swarmed the White House Monday for the 136th running of the White House Easter Egg Roll, shoulder-to-shoulder with celebrities from Jim Carrey to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. At stake were precious commemorative eggs bearing the signatures of the president and first lady or paw prints of White House dogs Sunny and Bo. | 04/21/14 15:34:33 By - Sean Kennedy

Clinton has big lead in N.H., but most people haven't finished deciding

Hillary Clinton is way ahead of other Democrats in the New Hampshire race for the 2016 presidential nomination and Republicans are scrambled--but most voters are far from deciding. | 04/18/14 20:05:26 By - David Lightmanh

On upcoming trip, Obama will try to pivot to Asia - again

President Barack Obama will leave Tuesday for a four-nation trip to Asia, looking to recharge a focus on the region, an ambitious initiative that’s been sidetracked by domestic politics and international conflicts elsewhere. | 04/18/14 18:36:29 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama Administration delays Keystone Pipeline decision

The Obama Administration is again delaying a decision on approving the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, likely putting off any action until after the November midterm elections. | 04/18/14 15:29:35 By - By Sean Cockerham

Biden's son: Up and coming Democratic star?

Beau Biden, 45, the state's attorney general for the past eight years, said on his web site he would not seek another term as attorney general this year so he could work on the 2016 gubernatorial race. | 04/18/14 09:10:33 By - David Lightman

Health care enrollment hits 8 million, Obama says

More than 8 million Americans have signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, a triumphant President Barack Obama announced Thursday. | 04/18/14 06:26:58 By - By Lesley Clark and Lindsay Wise

Big guns brought out to mark 1814 ‘Burning of Washington’

It was one of the dark hours in U.S. history. Two hundred years ago this summer, British soldiers overwhelmed American battalions, took the nation’s capital and burned the White House. | 04/18/14 19:14:59 By - By Sam Sturgis

All eyes will be on trade when Obama heads to Asia

President Barack Obama will travel next week to Asia with the centerpiece of his planned focus on the region still in limbo amid opposition from his own party and thorny tangles with powerhouse Japan over trade. | 04/17/14 17:37:00 By - By Lesley Clark and Rob Hotakainen

First Lady to address graduating high schoolers in Topeka, Kan., on 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver a commencement address this year at an assembly of public high schools in Topeka, Kansas, to mark the 60th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Brown vs. Board of Education, the White House announced on Thursday. | 04/17/14 13:59:15 By - By Lindsay Wise

Clinton way ahead among 2016 Democrats; Republican field scrambled

Hillary Clinton's way ahead in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and the Republican field is scrambled with no clear front-runner, according to a new Fox News poll. | 04/17/14 08:08:38 By - David Lightman

Obama, Biden tout new efforts to improve job skills training

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will travel to the Community College of Allegheny County in Oakdale, Pa., on Wednesday to talk about new efforts to link up job training with what employers need. | 04/17/14 06:56:39 By - By Renee Schoof

White House presses GOP to vote on immigration while backing away from taking independent action

President Barack Obama stepped up the pressure on House Republicans Wednesday to take up immigration reform while his staff has sought to tamper speculation that he will take up independent executive action to reduce deportations of those here illegally. | 04/16/14 15:07:46 By - By Franco Ordoñez

Democrats' health care approach gets higher marks in new poll

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found about one-third of those responding said they prefer the Democrats' approach to health care. Republicans polled 18 percent. | 04/16/14 10:52:58 By - David Lightman

Huckabee tops 2016 presidential poll in Iowa

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is the top choice at the moment for potential Iowa Republican caucus voters, according to a new Loras College poll. | 04/15/14 17:56:29 By - David Lightman

Obama speaks about Kansas City shootings at Easter prayer breakfast

President Barack Obama on Monday called on Americans to unite against intolerance after the fatal shootings over the weekend in suburban Kansas City. | 04/14/14 12:38:56 By - By Lindsay Wise

Obama’s income drops in 2013, tax returns show

The White House on Friday released the president’s federal and state income tax returns, revealing that Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama earned $503,183 last year and paid an effective federal income tax rate of 20.4 percent. | 04/14/14 12:12:08 By - By Lindsay Wise

With Sebelius gone, what’s next for Obamacare?

The resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius comes at an opportune time for the Obama administration. | 04/13/14 12:29:20 By - By Tony Pugh

Obama looks to pivot from health care roll-out

President Barack Obama worked to turn a page Friday on his signature health care law, nominating White House aide Sylvia Mathews Burwell to replace embattled Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of health and human services. | 04/11/14 17:55:26 By - By Lindsay Wise and David Lightman

54 percent disapprove, 43 percent approve of health care law, Gallup finds

A lot of people still don’t like the Affordable Care Act, a new Gallup poll released Friday found. | 04/11/14 16:40:13 By - By David Lightman

Treasury sanctions annexation abetters

The Treasury Department on Friday sanctioned seven individuals and a Crimea-based gas company for their alleged roles in the tense standoff between Russia and its neighbor Ukraine. | 04/11/14 15:09:45 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Obama pays tribute to LBJ, hails power of government to effect change

President Barack Obama paid homage to Lyndon B. Johnson on Thursday in a speech that celebrated the power of government to effect change_and linked his own election to Johnson’s legislative legacy. | 04/11/14 06:39:50 By - By Lindsay Wise

Sebelius resigns after turbulent stint at HHS

Embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has resigned, ending a turbulent five-year tenure that saw her become the public face of the troubled federal health insurance marketplace, HealthCare.gov. | 04/11/14 06:36:35 By - By Tony Pugh, Lindsay Wise and Dave Helling

Sebelius: marketplace enrollment hits 7.5 million, Medicare spending slows

- More than 7.5 million Americans have now signed up for marketplace health coverage, including 400,000 who purchased coverage as part of a special enrollment period that began on April 1. | 04/11/14 06:39:50 By - By Tony Pugh

White House news group honors black reporter it once barred

Harry S. McAlpin made history in February 1944 when he became the first black reporter to cover a presidential news conference at the White House. | 04/10/14 14:19:35 By - By Lesley Clark

White House 'awarded' for press freedom

The White House -- which has been pilloried by the press corps for limiting access to President Barack Obama -- is getting a dubious award for those efforts: a Jefferson Muzzle. | 04/10/14 00:01:35 By - Lesley Clark

Obama to pay homage to - and dodge comparisons with - LBJ’s legacy

President Barack Obama comes face to face Thursday with the legacy of Lyndon Johnson. | 04/09/14 18:49:42 By - By Lesley Clark and Lindsay Wise

Clinton has big lead among Iowa Dems, but GOP field is muddled, Suffolk U. poll finds

Hillary Clinton is way ahead among Iowa Democratic voters as their choice for the 2016 presidential nomination, but the Republican field is scrambled, according to a new Suffolk University poll. | 04/09/14 15:45:25 By - By David Lightman

Proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage plans out, payment hikes in

In a move that blunts a potent line of political attacks from Republicans, the Obama administration reversed itself on Monday, announcing that private health plans that provide Medicare benefits will see a slight increase in government payments next year, rather than the reduction that was proposed earlier. | 04/08/14 07:19:56 By - By Tony Pugh

President Obama visits a high school to announce winners of Youth CareerConnect grants

President Barack Obama visited a high school outside Washington on Monday to announce winners of a new grants competition aimed at making high schools, as he put it, “more interesting, more exciting, more relevant to young people.” | 04/07/14 18:05:38 By - By Renee Schoof

White House defends its own wage gap as Obama focuses on equal pay for women

President Barack Obama will announce a pair of moves Tuesday that the White House says will help ensure that women are paid the same salary as men for doing the same job. | 04/07/14 16:19:37 By - By Lesley Clark

Tunisian PM visits White House, secures $500 million loan guarantee

Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa traveled to the U.S. this week seeking an economic boost to help stabilize his country’s fledgling democracy. | 04/04/14 17:51:31 By - By Lindsay Wise

WH objects to Big Papi selfie with Obama

The selfie from the South Lawn that Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shot with President Obama may have gone viral -- but the White House isn’t happy about it. | 04/03/14 18:19:33 By - By Lesley Clark

With 7 million enrolled, Obama exudes new confidence about health care law

More than 7 million Americans have now enrolled in private coverage on the nation’s health insurance marketplaces, thanks to a wave of late signups that has pushed the latest enrollment tally beyond the original goal set by the Congressional Budget Office. | 04/02/14 07:06:40 By - By Tony Pugh and Lindsay Wise

WH: Obama’s not made a decision on releasing Israeli spy

President Barack Obama hasn’t made a decision on whether to release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as part of Middle East peace negotiations, the White House said Tuesday. | 04/01/14 20:43:03 By - By Lesley Clark

Idaho man sentenced to 25 years in prison for firing assault rifle at White House

An Idaho man was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Monday after driving across the country to launch a one-man attack on the White House using a semi-automatic assault rifle. | 03/31/14 17:57:48 By - By Lindsay Wise

White House dismisses senator’s allegation that administration ‘cooked the books’ on Obamacare

The White House on Monday dismissed a Republian senator’s accusation that the Obama administration was “cooking the books” by inflating the number of Americans who’ve enrolled for health care under the Affordable Care Act. | 03/31/14 17:44:58 By - By Lindsay Wise

Obama honors Saudi woman's fight against abuse, heads back to Washington

President Barack Obama wrapped up a weeklong trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia on Saturday. | 03/29/14 06:37:57 By - By Lesley Clark

Vladimir Putin haunts - or helps - Obama’s trip to Europe

President Barack Obama planned this week’s trip to Europe with a short but important to-do list: Try to squelch the impression that he’s indifferent towards the continent, cement his legacy on nuclear security and pay respects to a new pope. | 03/28/14 19:36:01 By - By William Douglas, Lindsay Wise and Lesley Clark

Putin to Obama: Let’s talk about Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss a U.S. proposal to resolve the crisis in Ukraine – and they agreed to have Secretary of State John Kerry meet with his Russian counterpart to discuss it, the White House and Kremlin said. | 03/28/14 19:27:36 By - By Lesley Clark and David Lightman

Obama seeks to assure Saudis

President Barack Obama met for two hours in the desert late Friday with Saudi Arabia’s 89-year-old monarch, King Abdullah, seeking to reassure a nervous longtime ally that the U.S. is in its corner as he closed out a weeklong overseas trip focused on a series of global crises. | 03/28/14 18:42:28 By - By Lesley Clark

Putin calls Obama on Ukraine

The White House says Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Obama today to discuss the U.S. proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine -- and that they agreed to have Secretary of State John Kerry meet with his Russian counterpart to discuss the U.S. proposal for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine. | 03/28/14 17:19:45 By - By Lesley Clark

Pope and president all smiles, but Vatican official also raises religious freedom in U.S.

President Barack Obama proclaimed himself a “great admirer” as he met Pope Francis for the first time Thursday, delivering a box of vegetable seeds from the White House garden, along with an invite to tour it in person. | 03/27/14 18:17:15 By - By Lesley Clark

‘I’m a great admirer,’ Obama meets Pope Francis

President Barack Obama proclaimed himself a “great admirer” as he met Pope Francis for the first time Thursday, delivering a box of vegetable seeds from the White House garden, along with an invite to tour it in person. | 03/27/14 15:42:42 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama next heads to Vatican to meet Pope Francis

President Barack Obama will arrive at the Vatican on Thursday eager to meet the new pope he’s quoted in a speech and lauded on television – and perhaps to bask in a little of Pope Francis’ stratospheric popularity. | 03/26/14 18:19:35 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama calls Russia only a ‘regional power’ as he defends his foreign policy

President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered a jab at Russia – and his 2012 Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney – downplaying Russia’s influence in the world by referring to it as a “regional power” and saying he’s more concerned about a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan than he is about a Russian threat. | 03/25/14 18:25:45 By - By Lesley Clark

U.S., allies throw Russia out of G-8

President Barack Obama and leaders of the world’s largest industrialized countries expelled Russia from the group until it “changes course” in Ukraine and formally canceled plans to attend an economic summit in Russia in June. | 03/24/14 18:14:14 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama to Europe: If Russia continues to escalate, we need to impose more costs

As he opens up a visit to Europe likely to be dominated by the crisis in Ukraine, President Barack Obama is warning that if Russia continues to escalate its intervention into Ukraine, the U.S. and Europe “need to be prepared to impose a greater cost.” | 03/24/14 12:11:53 By - By Lesley Clark

U.S. response to Ukraine crisis muddled by years of inattention

Russia’s annexation of Crimea, made official on Friday, was either entirely predictable or a total surprise. | 03/22/14 12:17:25 By - By Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Ukraine puts Obama’s slow and steady global approach in the spotlight

President Barack Obama’s penchant for diplomacy and soft power is being tested by the burgeoning crisis in Ukraine, as he seeks to punish Russia for annexing Crimea while preventing a larger conflict should Moscow continue encroaching on its neighbors. | 03/21/14 09:41:27 By - By Lesley Clark

Michelle Obama arrives in Beijing with her mother and daughters in U.S. ‘soft power’ push

Landing on an unusually blue-sky Beijing afternoon, Michelle Obama launched a six-day trip to China on Thursday, aimed at smoothing Sino-U.S. relations with a carefully orchestrated exercise in soft diplomacy. | 03/21/14 09:37:47 By - By Stuart Leavenworth

U.S., Russia impose dueling travel bans; Obama opens door to Russian energy sanctions

The Obama administration on Thursday sanctioned several top Russian politicians and key business oligarchs with ties to Vladimir Putin, raising the stakes in a blossoming international crisis and opening the door for targeting Russia’s vital energy sector. | 03/20/14 18:53:44 By - By Kevin G. Hall

President Obama to make his Ellen presidential debut, pitching health care

President Obama will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via a live shot from the White House on Thursday, as part of the administration's pitch to persuade women and moms to encourage their kids to sign up for health care. | 03/20/14 07:39:50 By - Lesley Clark

Obama: No military intervention in Ukraine

President Obama says the U.S. won’t take military action in Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin sent in troops to seize Crimea. | 03/20/14 11:01:28 By - By Lesley Clark

Louisville and Florida are among President Obama’s picks for the Final Four

The White House unveiled President Obama’s brackets for the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments -- and the nation’s basketball fan-in-chief has Louisville, Michigan State, Florida, and Arizona headed to the Final Four. | 03/20/14 07:39:50 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama summons world leaders for meeting on Ukraine

With the crisis in Ukraine intensifying, President Obama today invited his counterparts from the seven largest industrialized countries to a meeting next week on the margins of a Nuclear Security Summit Obama will attend at The Hague. | 03/20/14 07:39:50 By - By Lesley Clark

At last, a nation honors slighted heroes

Uncommonly brave men and their loved ones gathered in the White House for belated recognition Tuesday, as President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Honor to 24 standout soldiers. | 03/18/14 19:02:04 By - By Michael Doyle

Obama seeks summit in Europe to address Russia

Unable to slow Russia’s moves in Ukraine, President Barack Obama moved Tuesday to convene an extraordinary summit of top economic powers in Europe, as aides signaled more sanctions against elite Russians. | 03/18/14 18:53:54 By - By Lesley Clark

Biden in Poland to 'reassure' US allies in wake of Russian intervention

Vice President Joe Biden landed in Poland Tuesday morning on a trip designed to reassure U.S. allies worried about Russia’s aggressive move in Ukraine and what it might mean for the rest of the region. | 03/18/14 14:29:06 By - Lesley Clark

U.S. targets 11 in first response to Crimea vote as Russia recognizes region’s independence

The Obama administration hit at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle Monday in a bid to punish Russia for poaching Crimea from Ukraine, slapping sanctions on 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials it said had been instrumental in orchestrating the division. | 03/18/14 07:18:12 By - By Lesley Clark and Kevin G. Hall

White House taps March Madness fans for healthcare.gov

Anxious to get more young people to sign up for health care insurance, the Obama administration is tapping President Barack Obama's passion for basketball in an effort to lure in March Madness fans. | 03/18/14 06:22:51 By - Lesley Clark

White House: Sports injuries can be costly

The White House is hoping to tap into March Madness to encourage basketball fans to sign up for health insurance by the March 31 deadline -- and plans to release a report today on the incidence and economic costs of common sports injuries, like sprains and fractures. | 03/18/14 06:22:51 By - Lesley Clark

President Obama announces sanctions against Russian and Ukranian officials

The United States moved Monday to put the economic squeeze on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine with President Barack Obama announcing sanctions against officials with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. | 03/18/14 06:22:51 By - Lesley Clark

Gallup: Most Americans do not believe health care system 'is in crisis'

More sobering news for supporters of the Affordable Care Act: Two-thirds of Americans are satisfied with how the health care system works for them, according to a Gallup poll released Monday. | 03/17/14 09:29:29 By - David Lightman

Obama meets with immigration advocates in wake of criticism over his record on deportations

President Obama was meeting Friday with a host of immigration advocates -- a day after he said he’d direct his administration to find a more “humane” way to enforce immigration laws. | 03/14/14 19:04:38 By - By Lesley Clark

White House announces proposed steps to improve college job training

The Obama administration on Friday announced it’s taking some steps to protect students from predatory job-training colleges, where some students end up with heavy loan debt but no degree to show for it. | 03/14/14 06:18:24 By - By Renee Schoof

Obama to sign order requiring biz to pay more overtime

President Obama signed an executive order that will require some businesses to pay more overtime to workers who have been exempt in the past. | 03/14/14 06:18:24 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama meets Ukrainian leader and pledges support; Kerry to begin Russia talks

President Barack Obama delivered an Oval Office rebuke Wednesday to Russian President Vladimir Putin with Ukraine’s new prime minister at his side, warning that the U.S. and the international community would be “forced to apply a cost” should Russia refuse to withdraw from Crimea. | 03/13/14 07:53:14 By - By Lesley Clark and Hannah Allam

Obama launches effort focused on economic issues facing women

President Barack Obama launched a new effort Wednesday designed to highlight economic issues facing women. | 03/13/14 05:13:24 By - By Anita Kumar

Health care enrollment may only reach 5.4 million

Only 5.4 million people are on track to purchase marketplace health coverage by the time open enrollment ends on March 31, according to a new analysis from Avalere Health. | 03/13/14 05:13:24 By - By Tony Pugh

Health care enrollments reach 4.2 million, but young adults remain elusive

More than 4.2 million people have signed up for coverage on the nation’s health insurance marketplaces through February, but low participation from young adults and early technical problems with the website have jeopardized the government’s goal of enrolling 6 million people by March 31. | 03/12/14 06:45:29 By - By Tony Pugh

Comedian in chief? President Obama pitches health care on Funny or Die

President Obama traded barbs with Zach Galifianakis on the comedian’s ‘Funny or Die’ show “Between Two Ferns” in a bid to convince young invincibles to sign up for health care. | 03/11/14 15:49:34 By - By Lesley Clark

Federal agencies struggle to respond to public records requests

Some federal agencies are struggling to respond to public records requests made through the Freedom of Information Act, according to a new report released Monday. | 03/11/14 06:20:20 By - By Anita Kumar

White House to host Ukraine leader

President Barack Obama will host Ukraine’s new Prime Minister at the White House on March 12 as the standoff over Russian troops in Ukraine’s Crimean region continues to intensify. | 03/11/14 06:20:20 By - By Lesley Clark

White House spearheads efforts to teach students to handle money

Most students don’t know how to handle their money. The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans on Monday recommended addressing that problem by integrating hands-on financial education into curricula as early as prekindergarten. | 03/10/14 18:49:24 By - Fatimah Waseem

Obama administration abandons Medicare changes

The Obama administration announced Monday that it will not proceed with several contentious proposals to change the Medicare prescription drug program in 2015 after congressional Democrats and Republicans expressed major concerns about the plans. | 03/10/14 18:00:06 By - Tony Pugh

Moms know best, White House says

With three weeks to go before the March 31 health insurance enrollment deadline, the White House is picking up the pace -- this week spotlighting women and moms with “Moms Know Best” week. | 03/10/14 11:45:57 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama to pitch health care on WebMD

President Obama next week will champion his health care law on WebMD, which bills itself as the “leading source of health information for consumers and health care professionals.” | 03/10/14 10:47:23 By - By Lesley Clark

White House says Turkey's Erdogan misrepresenting his phone call with Obama

In an unusual rebuke, the White House said Friday that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had misrepresented a telephone conversation with President Barack Obama last month. A White House official said Erdogan’s version of the Feb. 19 conversation, which he’s now repeated twice, is “not accurate.” | 03/07/14 23:30:52 By - By Roy Gutman

'Hop into Healthy,' Get your tickets for the White House Easter Egg Roll

Free tickets for the the White House annual Easter extravaganza are up for grabs today as the White House announced the theme for this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll: “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape.” | 03/07/14 12:00:33 By -

White House defends the Russia re-set

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton five years ago Thursday hit the button on a re-set with Russia that has since been abandoned. | 03/07/14 06:24:53 By - Lesley Clark

Obama says he's 'champion in chief' for immigration fix

President Obama insisted Thursday he's the "champion in chief" for immigration reform, refuting Hispanic critics who've dubbed him the "deporter in chief." | 03/07/14 06:24:53 By - Lesley Clark

President Obama, first lady visit Miami to launch new college financial aid form drive

The president and first lady are scheduled to visit a high school in Miami on Friday to launch a new FAFSA completion drive and talk about education proposals in the president's budget proposal. | 03/07/14 12:00:33 By - Renee Schoof

Obama's Florida visit ruffling feathers

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are staying in Key Largo, Fla., for the weekend -- much to the dismay of some of their purported weekend neighbors. | 03/07/14 12:00:33 By - Lesley Clark

Obama calls Crimea referendum a violation of international law

President Obama said Thursday that a proposed referendum for Crimea to join Russia violates Ukraine's constitution and international law. | 03/06/14 08:27:02 By - Lesley Clark

Canceled health insurance plans extended - again

Americans whose 2013 health insurance policies were supposed to be canceled this year because they don’t meet tough new standards under the Affordable Care Act can now renew those noncompliant policies for another two years if their home states allow it, the Obama administration announced Wednesday. | 03/06/14 06:45:57 By - By Tony Pugh

White House blasts Senate for blocking controversial nominee

The White House ripped the Senate for failing to confirm Debo Adegbile to lead the civil rights division at the Department of Justice, calling it a "travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant." | 03/06/14 06:20:30 By - Lesley Clark

Obama accuses Russian President Putin of flouting international law

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that there's universal agreement that Russia has violated international law by sending troops into neighboring Ukraine. | 03/05/14 06:06:08 By - Lesley Clark

Biden hits the campaign trail for Senate hopefuls

Vice President Joe Biden, who said he's been asked to campaign in more than 100 congressional districts, heads to Atlanta today for an event for Michelle Nunn, a U.S. Senate hopeful. | 03/05/14 06:06:08 By - Lesley Clark

Obama proposes budget, Democratic playbook for election

President Barack Obama proposed a $3.9 trillion budget Tuesday seeking new life for core Democratic proposals including preschool, job training and climate change research, paid for with another round of tax increases on the wealthiest Americans and big businesses. | 03/04/14 18:07:22 By - By Anita Kumar and David Lightman

First Lady Michelle Obama to travel to China

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, will travel to China late this month, the White House announced Monday. | 03/04/14 04:08:24 By - Anita Kumar

Netanyahu tells Obama: We’re doing all we can for peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Barack Obama on Monday that “Israel has been doing its part” to forge peace, but that it’s been met with “incessant Palestinian incitement.” | 03/03/14 18:17:47 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama to press Netanyahu on peace talks

President Obama says in an interview published ahead of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he fears time is running out on an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. | 03/03/14 05:45:24 By - Lesley Clark

Cold War II? Obama legacy hangs on Russia

President Barack Obama - who sought to “reset” U.S. relations with Russia when he took office - now faces the greatest foreign policy challenge of his presidency. | 03/02/14 16:32:48 By - By Lesley Clark and Anita Kumar

Obama urges Putin to pull troops back to Crimea bases in 90-minute phone call

President Barack Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday that he was deeply concerned about the Russian Parliament’s vote to approve military action in Ukraine, according to the White House. | 03/01/14 18:40:17 By - By Anita Kumar

Health insurance enrollment efforts enter their final month

After an horrendous start and months of playing catch-up against a barrage of political attacks, Affordable Care Act supporters have hit the homestretch in their six-month effort to educate and enroll millions of Americans in health insurance. | 03/01/14 11:44:25 By - By Tony Pugh

Obama talks tough to Russia about Ukraine and Crimea; events unclear

President Barack Obama said Friday that he is “deeply concerned” by reports Russia had sent troops into Ukraine’s Crimea region and warned that “there will be costs” for any such military intervention. | 02/28/14 20:03:01 By - By Anita Kumar

Obama to join three former presidents to mark Civil Rights Act 50th at LBJ Library

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will join former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at a civil rights summit at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. | 02/28/14 05:57:08 By - Lesley Clark

Obama launches program to bolster minority boys

President Barack Obama will launch a national initiative Thursday designed to improve the lives of minority boys who studies show are disproportionately affected by prison and poverty. | 02/27/14 06:48:38 By - Anita Kumar

Jimmy Kimmel on hosting 2012 WH dinner: 'Never been more nervous in my life'

Joel McHale, the upcoming entertainer for the White House Correspondents' Association upcoming dinner, got a bit of advice for the event from the 2012 host, Jimmy Kimmel. | 02/27/14 05:05:11 By - Lesley Clark

Is it Obamacare or Hillarycare?

Is it Obamacare or Hillarycare? | 02/26/14 12:11:59 By - Anita Kumar

Feds recover record $4.3 billion in health care fraud funds last year

The Obama administration’s health care fraud efforts recovered a record $4.3 billion in taxpayer cash in fiscal year 2013, up from $4.2 billion in 2012. | 02/26/14 05:44:55 By - Tony Pugh

Obama tells supporters they are doing 'God's work'

President Barack Obama rallied his political base Tuesday night, speaking to those attending a summit hosted by Organizing for Action, a group that pushes his policy agenda. | 02/26/14 05:39:49 By - Anita Kumar

Biden: 'I may be a white boy, but I can jump'

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, hosted a reception Tuesday night in honor of African-American History Month -- and the veep's reputation for the unscripted remark remains intact. | 02/26/14 05:39:49 By - Lesley Clark

Health care marketplace enrollments approach the four million mark


The Obama administration announced Tuesday that nearly 4 million Americans had now enrolled in health coverage on the state and federal  insurance marketplaces since October  1, 2013.

With just 34 days left in the open enrollment period, roughly 2 million people must sign up for coverage by March 31, in order to meet the Congressional Budget Office estimate of 6 million new enrollees.

“As we head into the last five weeks of this historic open enrollment period, millions of Americans are taking advantage of the new choices they now have to access affordable, quality health care, thanks to the Affordable Care Act,” wrote Medicare Administrator Marilyn Tavenner in a blog post on Tuesday…”With individuals and families enrolling in coverage every day, we continue to see strong demand nationwide from consumers who want access to quality, affordable coverage.”

Tavenner said the federal HealthCare.gov marketplace is functioning properly after a problematic debut and the call center has taken more than 12 million calls to date.

Experts expect the exchanges to see a crush of procrastinating insurance buyers as the March 31 deadline nears. 

| 02/26/14 05:39:49 By - Tony Pugh

Obama plugs hometown beer as he presses Congress to expand manufacturing institutes

President Obama unveiled two new manufacturing innovation institutes in Chicago and Detroit on Tuesday, calling on Congress to expand them across the country. | 02/26/14 05:39:49 By - Lesley Clark

Obama, Boehner meet one-on-one for first time in more than a year

The president and the speaker of the House talked Tuesday. | 02/25/14 13:18:44 By - David Lightman and Anita Kumar

Obama to propose 1 percent pay raise for federal workers, troops

President Barack Obama will propose a one percent pay raise for federal employees and members of the military in his budget. | 02/24/14 15:54:54 By - Anita Kumar

Governors take parting partisan shots from White House lawn

A genteel weekend of governors’ meetings suddenly became a partisan showdown at the White House on Monday, as Republicans and Democrats accused each other of being insensitive and, in one case, criticizing a colleague’s remarks as insane. | 02/24/14 15:26:34 By - By David Lightman

Obama to announce two more manufacturing institutes

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will announce new proposals that are designed to boost manufacturing and create jobs working with private companies at the White House. | 02/24/14 14:45:30 By - Anita Kumar

Obama, Democrats rip GOP as governors gather in D.C.

President Barack Obama and Democratic governors tore into Republicans on Friday as out of touch and insensitive to ordinary Americans, a partisan broadside to open the annual Washington gathering of the nation’s governors. | 02/24/14 06:42:06 By - By David Lightman

So many changes to the health care law, but are they legal?

After President Barack Obama bowed to critics in November and allowed people with canceled health insurance policies to keep their coverage for another year, the White House quickly hit the spin cycle. | 02/24/14 06:00:00 By - By Tony Pugh

U.S. re-examining relationship with Uganda after anti-gay law

The Obama administration says it is reassessing its relationship with Uganda after that its president, Yoweri Museveni, signed into law a bill that toughens penalties against gays and defines some homosexual acts as crimes punishable by life in prison. | 02/24/14 15:54:54 By - Anita Kumar

Al Gore brings climate change message to Kansas City

Al Gore has been known for his climate change warnings since the 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

But the former vice president, speaking Saturday in Kansas City, cited many more recent examples how heavy use of fossil fuels is contributing to extreme weather events and trends, in his view. | 02/23/14 07:59:40 By - By BRIAN BURNES

In DC, nation’s governors bash DC

Top officials of the National Governors Association expressed frustration Saturday with how the nation’s capital operates -- as they launched a three-day quest for more money and other help from Washington lawmakers. | 02/23/14 06:18:12 By - By David Lightman

Obama calls Putin, talks Ukraine and offers congrats on the Olympics

President Barack Obama called Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday, the White House said as it welcomed Russia's involvement in an agreement signed today between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders. | 02/23/14 06:17:42 By - Lesley Clark

Michelle Obama urges young 'knuckle heads' to get health insurance

First Lady Michelle Obama made her debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -- warning that accident prone young adults need to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. | 02/23/14 06:17:42 By - Lesley Clark

Obama says midterm elections may not be 'sexy enough' to garner headlines

President Obama told Democratic governors meeting in the nation's capital that there needs to be more of a focus on events in the states -- particularly as critical midterm elections approach. | 02/23/14 06:17:42 By - Lesley Clark

China protests as Obama meets with Dalai Lama

President Barack Obama welcomed Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama to the White House on Friday even as China warned that the meeting would hurt the relationship between the two nations. | 02/21/14 17:29:03 By - By Anita Kumar

Obama to meet with Dalai Lama at White House in move certain to irritate China

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday morning - their third meeting in four years and one that will be handled delicately to avoid inflaming relations with China. | 02/20/14 22:49:30 By - By Stuart Leavenworth

Bowing to seniors, liberals, Obama ditches bitter deficit medicine

In a bow to politics both in Washington and in midterm elections, President Barack Obama will propose a new budget that would increase spending on popular programs and drop a plan to slow the growth of Social Security benefits that had angered his party’s base. | 02/20/14 18:43:47 By - By Kevin G. Hall and Anita Kumar

Clinton tops Christie, other GOP rivals in crucial Ohio

Ohio doesn't look much like a swing state these days. | 02/20/14 07:53:47 By - David Lightman

Obama says US condemns in 'strongest terms' violence in Ukraine

President Obama says the US "condemns in the strongest terms" the violence rocking Ukraine and is calling on the government to peacefully negotiate with the opposition. | 02/19/14 13:34:39 By - Lesley Clark

Ukraine comments underscore how NAFTA trade partnership is drifting

President Barack Obama met Wednesday with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts but little tangible came out of the Three Amigos summit, a further sign that the world’s largest trading bloc is on autopilot, hobbled by spats between members. | 02/19/14 22:00:09 By - By Tim Johnson

White House screens The Monuments Men

The White House Tuesday night hosted a screening of the movie, The Monuments Men, a movie that looks at a small band of middle-aged art experts, artists, educators and architects who signed up during World War II to join President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s program to protect and secure European art treasures. | 02/19/14 06:25:35 By - Lesley Clark

White House predicts Dems will hold Senate

Press Secretary Jay Carney says he's confident the Democrats won't lose control of the Senate in the November election -- because of their political priorities. | 02/19/14 06:25:35 By - Lesley Clark

At a supermarket near you: President Obama, touting fuel efficiency in trucks

President Obama travels to a grocery store distribution center outside Washington today to highlight the administration's plans to improve the fuel efficiency of American trucks. | 02/19/14 06:25:35 By - Lesley Clark

Obama sends personal apology to art historian for snub; Rubio calls it 'pathetic'

President Obama has apologized for dissing America's art history majors during a speech last month in which he extolled manufacturing as a more lucrative career path. | 02/19/14 13:34:39 By - Lesley Clark

Obama says he will cut red tape for exporters

President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order that is designed to reduce the wait time for businesses exporting goods and services outside the U.S., according to the White House. | 02/19/14 13:34:39 By - Anita Kumar

African-American leaders meet with President Obama

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder met Tuesday with a group of African-American civil rights leaders, discussing income inequality and jobs, voter suppression and controversial state laws like Florida's Stand Your Ground. | 02/18/14 17:04:23 By - Lesley Clark

White House celebrates 5 year anniversary of stimulus, Republicans say it failed

Five years after it was signed into law, the White House and Republicans are still arguing about the 2009 stimulus act that was designed to jump start a faltering economy. | 02/18/14 06:07:04 By - Lesley Clark

Obama’s meetings with Congress’ Democrats reflect worries of Senate incumbents

Democrats seem to be two different parties these days. Most House of Representatives Democrats love President Barack Obama and are eager to run on his record. Senate Democrats? Some yes, some no. | 02/17/14 04:45:26 By - By David Lightman

Obama urges Congress to raise the minimum wage

In his weekly radio address, President Barack Obama renewed his call for lawmakers to pass a proposal to raise the minimum wage for all workers to $10.10 per hour by 2015. | 02/17/14 04:16:45 By - Anita Kumar

Obama, Abdullah discuss options in Syria

President Barack Obama and King Abdullah II wrapped up their talks late Friday with their primary focus on the civil war in Syria, which has brought a flood of refugees into Jordan. | 02/17/14 04:16:15 By - Anita Kumar

How does Obama spends beautiful California day? Golfing, of course.

No surprise here. | 02/17/14 04:16:15 By - Anita Kumar

Obama pledges additional aid for Jordan

President Barack Obama told King Abdullah II that he would renew a five-year aid package set to expire in September that has been providing $660 million a year, and provide another $1 billion in loan guarantees to Jordan. | 02/17/14 04:16:45 By - Anita Kumar

Obama focuses on California drought in quick visit

President Barack Obama wrapped up a quick visit to the Fresno area Friday, speaking to community leaders and touring a farm to focus on the devastating drought in the region. | 02/17/14 04:16:45 By - Anita Kumar

'There are some big things we can do,' Obama tells House Democrats

President Barack Obama gave House Democrats a big thank you Friday, and reminded them there's a lot he can't do simply by himself. | 02/17/14 04:16:45 By - By David Lightman

Romney: Judge Hillary Clinton on her own record

Remember, Mitt Romney said Sunday, if Hillary Clinton runs for president, it's not her husband who'd be on the ballot. | 02/16/14 16:09:28 By - David Lightman

Obama promises more aid to Jordan

President Barack Obama reassured King Abdullah II Friday that the United States stands ready to help Jordan cope with the destitute refugees pouring in from nearby Syria even as he acknowledges enormous frustration with that nation’s ongoing civil war. | 02/15/14 00:25:35 By - By Anita Kumar

Joel McHale to headline White House Correspondents' Dinner as group celebrates its 100th

The White House Correspondents' Association has named the entertainer for its centennial dinner on May 3 -- Joel McHale, star of NBC's Community. | 02/14/14 10:33:59 By - Lesley Clark

Obama promises money for drought relief; now the hard part begins

The easiest part of the Obama administration’s response to the California drought is now over. | 02/14/14 17:15:32 By - By Michael Doyle

Obama, Biden head for Md. Eastern Shore & Democratic retreat

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are slated to speak and take questions from House Democrats later Friday. | 02/14/14 07:37:49 By - David Lightman

Obama comes to California carrying drought aid

President Barack Obama arrives in Fresno, Calif. on Friday, carrying new drought aid for farmers and ranchers. | 02/14/14 06:19:20 By - Michael Doyle

Stephen Colbert: The First Lady of France?

The host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report says he got an unexpected honor at Tuesday's State Dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande -- he's now the First Lady of France. | 02/14/14 06:19:20 By - Lesley Clark

Biden fires up Democrats, assures them people agree with party on issues

Vice President Joe Biden gave House Democrats a pep talk Friday, assuring them that the American people agree with the party on virtually every major issue. | 02/14/14 10:33:59 By -

Snow closes DC but much of government still runs

The White House canceled its daily news briefing. Vice President Joe Biden dropped plans to attend a retreat for congressional Democrats. As a snowstorm socked the nation’s capital, much of the federal government closed Thursday for business. | 02/13/14 17:42:54 By - By Lesley Clark and James Rosen

Health care enrollment rises; more young adults sign up

Nearly 3.3 million Americans have enrolled in health coverage on state and federal health insurance marketplaces as of Feb. 1 and sign-up rates for young adults continued to grow, according to new figures released Wednesday by the Obama administration. | 02/13/14 06:25:54 By - By Tony Pugh

Obama to travel to Asia in April

President Obama, who had to scrap a trip to Asia last fall during the debate over the government shutdown, will head to the region in April. | 02/13/14 06:34:56 By - Lesley Clark

NARAL opposes Obama judicial nominee

A group that has been supportive of Barack Obama, NARAL Pro-Choice America, launched a campaign Wednesday to defeat one of the president's judicial nominees. | 02/13/14 06:34:56 By - Anita Kumar

Obama to host Netanyahu at the White House

President Obama will host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu March 3 at the White House, the administration announced today. | 02/13/14 06:34:56 By - Lesley Clark

Veep and veep sit next to each other at the State Dinner

President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande saluted their country's friendship during toasts at a star-studded White House state dinner Tuesday. | 02/12/14 07:41:47 By - Lesley Clark

Obama to sign minimum wage executive order

President Obama today will push for lifting the federal minimum wage for all workers and sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally funded employees on new contracts at least $10.10 an hour. | 02/12/14 07:41:47 By - Lesley Clark

Who's coming to dinner? The guest list for the State Dinner

The guest list for French President Francois Hollande's state dinner includes a number of Obama campaign donors -- along with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert and the star of the comedy, VEEP, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who once appeared in a White House produced video with vice president Joe Biden. | 02/11/14 21:26:06 By - Lesley Clark

Obama, Hollande declare U.S. and France bosom buddies again

Just a decade after congressional cafeterias replaced french fries with freedom fries to protest France’s resistance to the Iraq War, the two countries are seemingly joined at the hip. So close that when President Barack Obama hosted French President Francois Hollande for a state visit Tuesday, a French reporter asked whether her country had replaced Great Britain as Uncle Sam’s best European buddy. | 02/11/14 17:29:16 By - By Lesley Clark and Anita Kumar

White House: Expanding Medicaid helps Latinos

A new White House administration report presses states to expand Medicaid coverage in order to help Latino residents. | 02/11/14 11:58:51 By - Franco Ordonez

The Obamas welcome French President Hollande to the White House

President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama welcomed French President Francois Hollande to the White House on Tuesday with a military salute and a tribute to the deep ties between the two countries. | 02/11/14 11:54:59 By - Lesley Clark

What's for dinner? The White House State Dinner for French President Hollande

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome French President François Hollande to the White House on Tuesday for a rare, fancy, protocol laden state visit and dinner. | 02/11/14 04:47:02 By - Lesley Clark

Ahead of a state visit, Obama and France pledge cooperation

President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande open a state visit today with a visit to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello -- and a joint editorial in the Washington Post and Le Monde that boasts of the close ties between the two countries. | 02/11/14 04:47:02 By - Lesley Clark

White House bans trade in elephant ivory

The White House unveiled a national strategy for combating wildlife trafficking that includes a ban on commercial trade of elephant ivory. | 02/11/14 21:26:06 By - Lesley Clark

President Obama defends health care delay, vows tough moves on Iran sanctions

President Barack Obama defended the administration's latest delay in the Affordable Care Act as a way of "smoothing out" the enactment of the law for a number of companies trying to comply. | 02/11/14 21:26:06 By - Lesley Clark

Obama setting the table for State Dinner

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome France’s President Francois Hollande on Tuesday for a rare bit of pageantry the White House hopes isn’t upstaged by a scandal abroad. | 02/10/14 19:07:02 By - By Lesley Clark and Anita Kumar

Obama administration delays health law’s employer mandate – again

Employers with 50 to 99 workers will have yet another year, until 2016, to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to provide health coverage for full-time employees, the Obama administration announced Monday. | 02/10/14 18:55:05 By - By Tony Pugh

President Obama talks jobs in his weekly address -- and plugs Team USA

President Barack Obama touts "opportunity for all" in his weekly radio address -- before closing with a cheer for U.S. athletes competing in the Winter Games in Russia. | 02/10/14 04:17:35 By - Lesley Clark

Obama names delegation to the Paralympic Games

President Barack Obama has named the presidential delegation to the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. | 02/10/14 04:17:35 By - Lesley Clark

Haiti’s president tells U.S.: We’re rebuilding trust

Wrapping up a visit to Washington, Haiti President Michel Martelly said Friday he’s thankful for American support to his nation but wants the U.S. government to trust his country enough to provide direct aid to his administration. | 02/07/14 19:49:46 By - By Lesley Clark

Democrats passing the torch – will new generation be different?

Democrats are starting to shed their old guard, leaving behind a party perceived as liberal and strong largely on the two coasts _ images that cause the party big problems in more moderate and conservative areas. | 02/07/14 18:55:40 By - By David Lightman

Obama talks Olympics, says his relationship with Putin not 'icy'

President Obama says the official US delegation to the Winter Olympics in Russia -- which includes openly gay athletes -- is aimed at making "it very clear that we do not abide by discrimination in anything, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." | 02/07/14 13:29:02 By - Lesley Clark

'Amtrak Joe' Biden takes seat on Northeast's new electric locomotive

Vice President Joe Biden, who famously commuted from Delaware to the U.S. Senate by train for many years, got behind the controls of Amtrak's newest electric locomotive Thursday. | 02/07/14 05:44:56 By - Curtis Tate

Obama cites progress in Haiti, calls for elections

President Obama met Thursday with Haiti President Michel Martelly and said he was encouraged with progress on scheduling long-overdue elections in the country. | 02/07/14 05:44:56 By - Lesley Clark

President Obama decries threats to religious freedom

President Obama addressed the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, pledging the U.S. will stand firm against threats to religious freedom -- and rebuking by name countries like China and North Korea. | 02/07/14 05:44:56 By - Lesley Clark

Biden sounds like he's running, says he'll make a decision next summer

Vice President Joe Biden is sounding increasingly like a 2016 presidential contender, telling CNN's New Day that "there's no obvious reason for me why I think I should not run." | 02/07/14 13:29:02 By - Lesley Clark

Haiti’s President Martelly meets with Obama for 1st time

President Barack Obama met Thursday with Haitian President Michel Martelly and said he was encouraged by progress on scheduling long-overdue elections in the country. | 02/06/14 17:53:30 By - By Lesley Clark and Jacqueline Charles

First lady to high school seniors: Fill out that financial aid form now!

First lady Michelle Obama visits a high school just outside Washington on Wednesday to encourage all seniors to fill out the FAFSA, the online form that determines whether students qualify for financial aid for college. | 02/06/14 05:56:44 By - Renee Schoof

Biden: There's an 'overwhelming reason' not to run for president

Vice President Joe Biden told a gathering of auto workers there's one "overwhelming reason" not to run for president -- a chance to drive General Motors' new Corvette Stingray. | 02/06/14 05:56:44 By - Lesley Clark

White House hails CVS decision to scrap tobacco products

President Obama says he applauds CVS Caremark for deciding to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in its stores, and instead begin a national campaign to help millions quit smoking. | 02/06/14 05:56:44 By - Lesley Clark

Obamacare: The political issue that keeps on giving

Republicans and Democrats on Wednesday engaged in a fierce brawl to define what the Affordable Care Act means to consumers – making it clear that Americans’ qualms about the law will remain a volatile issue throughout the election year. | 02/05/14 17:47:59 By - By David Lightman

White House to help farmers, ranchers cope with climate change

The White House will announce President Obama's latest executive order later today -- a move aimed at helping farmers, ranchers, and rural communities combat climate change and adapt to extreme weather. | 02/05/14 06:26:59 By - Lesley Clark

White House: Obama assured all steps being taken to keep Americans safe in Sochi

The White House says President Obama was "reassured by his team" that its taking "all appropriate steps" to keep U.S. athletes and spectators at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, safe. | 02/05/14 06:26:59 By - Lesley Clark

Gallup: Public opinion of health care law 'remains sickly'

A majority of Americans disapproves of Obamacare, according to a new Gallup poll. | 02/05/14 06:26:59 By - David Lightman

Thousands push Obama to reject Keystone pipeline

Thousands of activists held more than 280 vigils this week urging President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. | 02/05/14 06:26:59 By - Anita Kumar

Obama to take French President to Monticello

President Obama and French President Francois Hollande will visit Monticello on Monday as part of the French president's state visit to the U.S. | 02/04/14 19:00:58 By - Lesley Clark

CBO: Obamacare would lead employees to work less

A government analysis sparked fierce debate Tuesday, projecting that the Affordable Care Act will lead American workers to voluntarily put in fewer hours on the job, a total that would add up to the equivalent of as many as 2.5 million jobs over the next decade. | 02/04/14 18:22:16 By - By Kevin G. Hall, Lesley Clark and Tony Pugh

President Obama to launch new plan for highspeed Internet in schools

President Obama will visit a school in Maryland on Tuesday to announce a new plan to get more schools on high-speed Internet. Fewer than 30 percent of schools have the connections they now need, the White House says. | 02/04/14 06:22:24 By - Renee Schoof

Fox's Bill O'Reilly finds something to like about President Obama

President Barack Obama and Fox News' Bill O’Reilly engaged in a bit of mutual admiration Sunday amid a mostly confrontational interview as they faced off at the White House before the Super Bowl. | 02/04/14 06:22:24 By - Lesley Clark

Obama to meet with Harry Reid amid trade dispute

President Barack Obama meets today with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Oval Office -- days after Reid said he opposed legislation critical to a trans-Pacific trade pact. | 02/04/14 06:22:24 By - Lesley Clark

Obama, O'Reilly trade jabs in brief interview

President Barack Obama engaged in a brief -- but contentious -- interview with outspoken conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly Sunday before the Super Bowl. | 02/03/14 04:10:48 By - Anita Kumar

Asia experts: Obama should visit South Korea

A trip of Asian experts are calling on President Barack Obama to add Seoul, Korea to his upcoming April visit to Asia. | 02/01/14 11:42:14 By - Anita Kumar

State Dept. says Keystone pipeline would have minimal environmental impact

The State Department declared Friday that construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline would have minimal impact on the environment and climate change, a key finding as President Obama decides whether to approve the controversial project. | 02/01/14 11:42:14 By - By Sean Cockerham

Obama supporters begin to plan his presidential library

Several friends and supporters of President Barack Obama announced Friday that they have launched a foundation that will oversee the planning of his presidential library that will house his records and artifacts. | 02/01/14 11:42:14 By - Anita Kumar

White House will not say if Obama will weigh in on Keystone pipeline

White House spokesman Jay Carney sidestepped repeated questions Friday about whether President Barack Obama will weigh in on the Keystone pipeline. | 02/01/14 11:42:14 By - Anita Kumar

Obama says Clapper could have handled his congressional testimony better

President Barack Obama tells CNN that James Clapper has acknowledged that he should have been more careful about how he responded in congressional testimony. | 02/01/14 11:42:14 By - Anita Kumar

Obama asks employers, Congress to help long-term jobless

Tapping the bully pulpit, President Barack Obama used the White House backdrop Friday to urge American companies – and Congress – to help the nearly 4 million long-term unemployed. | 01/31/14 17:01:58 By - By Anita Kumar and Kevin G. Hall

Obama dismisses GOP criticism on his use of executive power

President Barack Obama said in a wide-ranging interview on CNN to air Friday that he is making an effort to use his own executive powers this year in part because he has already accomplished many major policies in his term. | 01/31/14 10:17:39 By - Anita Kumar

Obama to announce program to help long-term unemployed

President Barack Obama will announce Friday that more than 300 companies, including 80 of the nation's largest businesses, have agreed to a new policy spelling out ways they will try to recruit and hire the long-term unemployed, according to the White House. | 01/31/14 06:06:16 By - Anita Kumar

White House says it's working to repair relations with Germany

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that there's no doubt that U.S. spying has caused problems with a number of allies, but that the Obama administration is working on smoothing over relationships. | 01/31/14 06:06:16 By - Anita Kumar

Obama taps vice admiral to lead NSA

President Barack Obama will nominate Vice Admiral Michael Rogers to be the new director of the National Security Agency and the commander of the new Pentagon unit that directs the country’s offensive cyberoperations. | 01/31/14 06:06:16 By - Anita Kumar

Michelle Obama tunes into Scandal, doesn't expect a big Valentine's Day

First Lady Michelle Obama told Ryan Seacrest she's expecting a low key Valentine's Day at the White House after an epic 50th birthday party at the White House. | 01/31/14 06:06:16 By - Lesley Clark

What sticker shock? Exchange rates comparable to or less than job-based health coverage

Despite concerns about "sticker shock," marketplace health insurance costs, on average, about the same as job-based coverage - and sometimes less, according to a new study by PwC's Health Research Institute. | 01/31/14 06:06:16 By - Tony Pugh

White House 'deport Bieber' petition hits the threshold

A petition on the White House website asking that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber be deported back to Canada has hit the required 100,000 signatures required for an official response. | 01/30/14 17:45:26 By - Lesley Clark

Obama, Jordan's Abdullah to meet next month in California

President Barack Obama will meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Feb. 14 at Sunnylands, the sumptuous retreat of the late publishing magnate Walter Annenberg in Rancho Mirage, Calif. | 01/30/14 05:25:57 By - Anita Kumar

Gay activists angered by Obama's failure to sign executive order

Despite a flurry of actions, Barack Obama has not signed an executive order to bar federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers. | 01/30/14 05:25:57 By - Anita Kumar

How does Obama stack up on women’s pay himself?

President Barack Obama calls it “wrong” and an “embarrassment” that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, saying women deserve equal pay for equal work. | 01/29/14 19:37:49 By - By Lesley Clark

At Costco, Obama pitches minimum wage hike

President Barack Obama traveled to a Costco store in suburban Maryland Wednesday to tout his support for raising the minimum wage, a key piece of the yearlong agenda he unveiled in his State of the Union address. | 01/29/14 16:27:56 By - By Anita Kumar

Obama Taps Executive Powers for Savings Program

Obama uses power of pen to create savings program. | 01/29/14 12:43:34 By - Kevin G. Hall

Obama urges minimum wage hike in Maryland

President Barack Obama traveled to a Costco store in suburban Maryland Wednesday to tout his support for raising the minimum wage, a key piece of the agenda he unveiled in his State of the Union address hours earlier. | 01/29/14 11:01:10 By - Anita Kumar

Biden: 'In my heart...I could make a good president'

Vice President Joe Biden says he's confident he could make a "good president," but that he hasn't yet made the decision to run. | 01/29/14 10:39:32 By - Lesley Clark

Obama calls for education help for preschoolers, young men of color

President Barack Obama makes his pitch again for early preschool and announces new foundation and corporation grants for broadband and help for young men of color. | 01/29/14 05:58:20 By - Renee Schoof

In State of the Union, Obama tries to make a place for himself in the history books

President Barack Obama on Tuesday followed a familiar script for presidents entering their sixth year, as he tried to revive his waning political clout while shaping his legacy. | 01/28/14 21:35:07 By - By David Lightman

Obama to Congress: Help the poor, or I will

President Barack Obama looked to revive his second term in a sweeping speech to the nation Tuesday, outlining an agenda that calls for creating jobs and addressing the widening gap between rich and poor. | 01/28/14 22:45:37 By - By Lesley Clark and Anita Kumar

Obama will force federal contractors to raise minimum wage

For years, liberal groups privately – and unsuccessfully – pressed President Barack Obama to use the power of the federal government’s purse to raise the minimum wage for employees whose companies had contracts with the federal government. Last year, after Obama again failed to act, they changed strategies, launching a public campaign complete with employee strikes. | 01/28/14 19:13:39 By - By Anita Kumar

Who gets a raise and who doesn’t under Obama’s order

Some answers to questions about President Barack Obama’s announcement that he’ll sign an executive order raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour for employees who work for companies that get government contracts. | 01/28/14 19:12:42 By - By Anita Kumar

Excerpts of the President’s State of the Union Address

Excerpts of the President’s State of the Union Address As Prepared for Delivery | 01/28/14 18:38:39 By -

Obama to raise minimum wage for federal contract workers

President Barack Obama will announce tonight in his State of the Union address that he will raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for workers on new government contracts, according to a White House document. | 01/28/14 08:07:13 By - Anita Kumar

State of the Union guests include those who benefited from health care law, want an immigration overhaul

Guests of the White House at the State of the Union address Tuesday include a fourth-grader from Puerto Rico who likes to cook, the chief executive officer of General Motors Company and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear. | 01/28/14 05:50:14 By - Anita Kumar

Government allows companies to disclose information on spying requests

The Obama administration announced Monday that it will allow companies to disclose for the first time what information the government has ordered them to turn over as part of its surveillance programs. | 01/27/14 18:49:46 By - Anita Kumar

Bombing victims, gay athlete will be guests at State of the Union

The White House's guests for the State of the Union address Tuesday includes survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, an Oklahoma fire chief who responded to a deadly tornado, the nation's first openly gay professional basketball player, a 16-year-old inventor and Washington, D.C.'s public school teacher of the year | 01/27/14 06:00:00 By - Anita Kumar

GOP criticizes Obama's late budget

Republicans on Monday criticized President Barack Obama's decision to release his budget on March 4, a month late. | 01/27/14 18:49:46 By - Anita Kumar

Obama to hit the road to promote policies outlined in Tuesday's speech

President Barack Obama will travel to Prince George’s County Maryland; Pittsburgh; Milwaukee; and Nashville in the next week to talk about proposals outlined in Tuesday's State of the Union address. | 01/25/14 12:00:34 By - Anita Kumar

White House engages former 'West Wing' actors to push 'Big Block of Cheese Day'

Someone at the White House thinks this is a gouda idea. | 01/25/14 07:24:56 By - Lesley Clark

Federal and state marketplace enrollment nears 3 million

With just over two months remaining in a six-month open enrollment period, nearly three million people have now signed up for health insurance on the federal and state insurance marketplaces, the Obama administration reported Friday | 01/25/14 07:24:56 By - Tony Pugh

White House reopens political office ahead of midterm elections

The White House is restaffing its political arm as the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach and has named longtime Obama aide, David Simas, as director. | 01/25/14 07:24:56 By - Lesley Clark

White House defends ambassador despite 'jaw dropping' stumble

The White House is sticking up for President Obama's pick for ambassador to Norway, who this week made what a Norwegian website dubbed a "jaw-dropping diplomatic blunder." | 01/25/14 07:24:56 By - Lesley Clark

Kansas City, Las Vegas and others bid for 2016 GOP convention

Care for some real Kansas City air-roasted coffee? A souvenir Denver Broncos insulated bag? How about a fleece vest from Las Vegas? | 01/24/14 16:22:05 By - David Lightman

Obama looks to big State of the Union speech to jump-start second term

Eager to put the past year behind him, President Barack Obama will deliver a State of the Union address Tuesday looking to reinvigorate his presidency. | 01/24/14 15:32:31 By - By Lesley Clark and Anita Kumar

Romney praises 'unprecedented' security at Sochi Olympics

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who organized the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, says he'd be comfortable enough with Russian security to send his family to the games in Sochi. | 01/24/14 13:40:35 By - By Sean Cockerham

The Hillary cover: What does it say about her, us?

What does the New York Times's magazine cover say about Hillary Clinton, the potential Democratic frontrunner for president, or maybe our society. | 01/24/14 13:40:35 By - Anita Kumar

Obama: Mayors show you don't have to wait for Congress to make things happen

President Obama hosted mayors from across the U.S. at the White House Thursday, saying their efforts in cities prove "you don’t have to wait for the gridlock to clear in Congress in order to make things happen." | 01/23/14 20:09:00 By - Lesley Clark

Christie, Clinton are targets in unusually early opposition campaigns

The 2016 presidential campaign _ yes, 2016 _ is in full swing, as Republicans and Democrats slug it out with relentless, unusually early efforts to discredit and demonize potential rivals. | 01/23/14 11:37:44 By - By David Lightman

Obama administration says time running out for Congress to raise debt limit

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is telling Congress to raise the debt limit before Feb. 7 in order to “ensure orderly financing of the government.” | 01/23/14 06:37:20 By - By Sean Cockerham

White House says there's been an 'uptick' in threat reporting prior to Olympics

US citizens planning to attend the games in Sochi should contact the State Department, which has posted a travel warning, said Press Secretary Jay Carney. | 01/23/14 06:37:20 By - Lesley Clark

Obama targets problem of sexual assault

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will hold a meeting of the Council on Women and Girls Wednesday morning as he looks to focus on the problem of sexual assault from the military to college campuses. | 01/23/14 06:37:20 By - Anita Kumar

Obama election panel: Voters shouldn't wait more than 30 minutes

A post 2012 election panel appointed by President Barack Obama today presented Obama with a series of election law fixes -- saying voters shouldn't have to wait in line for more than 30 minutes. | 01/23/14 06:37:20 By - Lesley Clark

Bill O'Reilly to interview Obama during Super Bowl

President Barack Obama will continue a Super Bowl tradition and sit down for a pre game interview at the White House -- this time with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly. | 01/23/14 20:09:00 By - Lesley Clark

Days later, Obama’s spy speech has people scratching their heads

President Barack Obama’s response to the international uproar over the nation’s surveillance programs is leaving Americans with more questions than answers. | 01/22/14 12:33:02 By - By Anita Kumar

Obama and Putin talk Iran, Syria, Olympics

President Obama spoke with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin -- weeks before the Olympics opens in Sochi, Russia and as talks begin in Geneva to find a way to end three years of violence in Syria. | 01/22/14 06:48:23 By - Lesley Clark

FLOTUS dunks with Miami Heat

You can't say she's not a good sport: First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with the Miami Heat to film a public service announcement for her Let’s Move! fitness and nutrition campaign, highlighting the importance of eating healthy and drinking water. | 01/21/14 15:23:18 By - Lesley Clark

Clinton zooms past Christie in new '16 White House poll

More bad news for embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: A new Quinnipiac poll shows he's fallen behind Hillary Clinton by 8 percentage points. | 01/21/14 15:22:43 By - David Lightman

Snow Day at the White House

A winter storm has prompted a snow day of sorts at the White House, where all the public events have been postponed. | 01/21/14 15:23:18 By - Lesley Clark

U.S. eases sanctions, Iran halts some nuclear work as deal begins

Iran has started suspending some its uranium enrichment as part of a deal between Tehran and world powers to rein in the nation’s nuclear program in return for the lifting of some economic sanctions, according to an international watchdog. | 01/20/14 16:33:00 By - By Anita Kumar

Fans say Snowden is vindicated, deserves amnesty for leaks

Supporters of Edward Snowden complained of a glaring omission in the White House’s pledge Friday to rein in government surveillance activities: amnesty for the fugitive leaker who’s now holed up in Russia after revealing the secrets that led to this shakeup. | 01/17/14 19:00:17 By - By Hannah Allam

President Obama signs spending bill

President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law a $1.1 trillion federal spending plan that was forged through a rare bipartisan truce after years of bitter feuding over the government’s role and reach. | 01/17/14 18:58:19 By - Lesley Clark

Obama retains spying programs, with some new limits

President Barack Obama said Friday that he’d rein in a contentious federal program that collects millions of Americans’ phone records by requiring court approval each time the data is examined and barring the government from storing the information. | 01/17/14 18:28:46 By - By Anita Kumar

Former Defense Sec Gates backs Obama on Iran sanctions

Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates says President Obama is "absolutely right" to oppose congressional efforts to impose additional sanctions on Iran's government -- as he negotiates with Tehran to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. | 01/17/14 12:51:32 By - Lesley Clark

Obama calls for significant changes to phone surveillance program

President Barack Obama will call Friday for significant changes to the federal government's bulk phone collection program, moving to transition away from government control of the information and requiring the government to obtain a court order to access it, a White House official said. | 01/17/14 08:59:00 By - Anita Kumar

Obamas kick off push to make college more accessible

America needs to do more to help low-income young people succeed in college, President Barack Obama told a gathering at the White House on Thursday of educational, business and philanthropic leaders, who pledged to take on extra efforts to help more students reap the benefits of a college degree. | 01/17/14 06:38:13 By - By Renee Schoof

Obama’s changes to phone surveillance unlikely to satisfy critics

No matter what President Barack Obama announces Friday when he unveils changes to the federal government’s surveillance programs, he won’t appease critics on the most important question he faces: what to do with the massive collection and storage of phone records. | 01/16/14 17:56:29 By - By Anita Kumar

A big bash is on tap as Michelle Obama turns 50

She’s musing about becoming a grandmother and not ruling out plastic surgery as she turns 50 on Friday. But Michelle Obama can still “shake a tail feather” and plans to as she celebrates the milestone the next day at the White House. | 01/16/14 16:53:14 By - By Lesley Clark

First Lady joins with Alicia Keys to talk education

First Lady Michelle Obama has earned accolades -- and few brickbats -- for her campaigns to improve the American diet and get people off the couch. She's also championed hiring opportunities for returning veterans. | 01/16/14 07:42:25 By - Lesley Clark

Obama likely to lobby senators against additional Iran sanctions

President Barack Obama will meet with Senate Democrats Wednesday about their shared legislative priorities for the new year, but he’s also likely to aggressively lobby them to not implement additional sanctions against Iran that could sabotage his diplomatic efforts. | 01/16/14 07:42:25 By - Anita Kumar and William Douglas

U.S. District Court tosses case challenging health law tax credits

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday dismissed one of the last major legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act.

The case, Halbig vs. Sebelius, argued that the health law only allows the federal government to provide premium tax credits - the subsidies that help low- and moderate-income people purchase health coverage - in states that use the federally run marketplace.

That's because a section of the ACA says the tax credits can only be applied to coverage purchased "through an exchange established by the state." 

The lead plaintiff in the case is Jacqueline Halbig, a former policy adviser to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.

Conservative scholars Jonathan Adler and Michael Cannon, who first touted the supposed loophole in the law, have said it was intentionally written that way in order to coerce states into running their own marketplaces.

The federal government argued the language was merely a drafting error, which could easily be fixed if not for the polarized state of Congress, which has made it nearly impossible to make any legislative fixes to the law.

The government maintained that other aspects of the law makes clear Congress intended to provide the tax credits in all states.

In the court's decision to dismiss, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman agreed, writing:

"In sum, the Court finds that the plain text of the statute, the statutory structure, and the statutory purpose make clear that Congress intended to make premium tax credits available on both state-run and federally-facilitated Exchanges. What little relevant legislative history exists further supports this conclusion and certainly – despite plaintiffs’ best efforts to suggest otherwise – it does not undermine it. The Court therefore concludes that “Congress has directly spoken to the precise question” of whether an “Exchange,” includes federally-facilitated Exchanges. And that must be “the end of the matter; for the court, as well as the agency, must give effect to the unambiguously expressed intent of Congress.”

Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, a liberal patient advocacy group that filed an amicus brief in the case, said Wednesday that he was thrilled by the court's decision.

He said the case was "probably the most significant existential threat to the Affordable Care Act."  

To read the court's decision, go to https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2013cv0623-67

  | 01/16/14 07:42:25 By - Tony Pugh

Michelle Obama on her 50th birthday: My message to women is be healthy

First Lady Michelle Obama said she's yet to peak -- even as she celebrates her 50th birthday at the White House this week. | 01/15/14 06:12:33 By - Lesley Clark

Obama to Congress: We're not waiting for legislation

President Barack Obama sent a message to Congress Tuesday: He plans to use his executive power whenever he can to move his agenda forward. | 01/15/14 06:12:33 By - Anita Kumar

Obama will visit Pope Francis

President Barack Obama will visit Pope Francis, Secretary of State John Kerry said after he stopped at the Vatican Tuesday. | 01/15/14 06:12:33 By - Anita Kumar

Budget bill sets spending for everything from military pensions to light bulbs

Congress’ spending plan for the federal government touches almost every facet of American life, as it tackles big priorities such as health care, education and combating terrorism as well as smaller concerns such as the future of light bulbs. | 01/14/14 17:47:30 By - By David Lightman, Kevin G. Hall and Hannah Allam

Obama, Senate Democrats to meet Wednesday

President Barack Obama will meet with Senate Democrats Wednesday evening. | 01/14/14 05:52:28 By - Anita Kumar

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