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New Year means tax increases to pay for health care law

The tax man is coming in 2013. And he’s wearing surgical scrubs and has a stethoscope around his neck. | 12/31/12 14:56:29 By - By Tony Pugh

2 million will lose jobless benefit if Congress fails to act

Ever since she lost her graphic design job at a printing company in April, Dorothy Winn of Fresno, Calif., has been looking for that elusive “next job” and wondering how long she can hold on without it. | 12/18/12 18:58:23 By - By Tony Pugh

White House won’t rule out age increase for Medicare

A Republican proposal to raise Medicare’s eligibility age gradually from 65 to 67 has gotten the cold shoulder from congressional Democrats, but an awkward silence from the White House. | 12/14/12 06:30:13 By - By Tony Pugh

Fiscal cliff cuts would impact Georgia health, education and defense industry

If Congress can’t strike a deal to avoid going over the “fiscal cliff,” nursing home operator Debbie Meade of Warner Robins, Ga., will have to trim staff next year because of a projected $50,000 cut in Medicare payments. | 12/07/12 18:14:11 By - By Tony Pugh

Health services advocates are apprehensive about federal budget debate

Health care providers and patient advocates are anxious over pending cuts to federal health programs next year if Democrats and Republicans can’t strike a deal on budget cuts and taxes by Dec. 31. | 12/06/12 16:50:02 By - By Tony Pugh

Insurers’ duties under health care law taking shape

The nation’s health care overhaul took another step forward Tuesday when the Obama administration proposed new rules that clarify insurers’ duties and legal responsibilities under key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. | 11/20/12 18:34:24 By - By Tony Pugh

States face Friday deadline on health insurance exchanges

With the prospect of outright repeal all but gone, the nation’s health care overhaul is proceeding, and states that once resisted the politically divisive law now must decide how to implement its most innovative aspect: the online health-insurance shopping malls known as exchanges. | 11/14/12 18:46:59 By - By Tony Pugh

Voters endure delays, lines and misinformation to cast ballots

A massive turnout, voting machine breakdowns and misinformation about voter eligibility requirements snarled balloting at many of the nation’s polling places Tuesday, forcing Americans determined to help decide the fiercely fought presidential race to wait as long as five hours to vote. | 11/06/12 23:38:02 By - By Greg Gordon and Tony Pugh

Ohio shaping up as ground zero for Election Day disputes

Meanwhile, in New Jersey and New York, damage from Hurricane Sandy sent election officials scrambling to create makeshift polling stations and to limit what could be long lines and confusion for hundreds of thousands of people. | 11/05/12 19:35:01 By - By Tony Pugh and Greg Gordon

As election looms, many voters fear the process is compromised

Only days before millions of Americans cast their ballots, a climate of suspicion hangs over Tuesday’s national elections. | 11/02/12 17:57:57 By - By Tony Pugh

Young voters feel less engaged this election year than in ‘08

The love affair between young voters and President Barack Obama that ignited his candidacy in 2008 and powered him to the White House seems like a distant memory in 2012. | 10/29/12 09:52:20 By - By Tony Pugh

States diverting housing settlement funds to fill budget holes

It was supposed to provide a measure of restitution on behalf of homeowners who lost equity in the market collapse or lost their homes in the “robo-signing” foreclosure scandal. | 10/18/12 00:00:00 By - By Tony Pugh

Obama, Romney offer different paths on Medicare, Social Security

They are two of the largest parts of the federal government. They’re growing. And they’re heading toward financial problems that will touch tens of millions of Americans unless something changes. | 10/08/12 15:49:58 By - By Tony Pugh

For the first time in decades, California House races are hot

Millions of dollars in campaign cash are pouring into California this year, but the ubiquitous television ads they’re funding aren’t for the presidential race; the hot ticket is the House of Representatives. | 10/05/12 18:05:03 By - By Curtis Tate

As Election Day looms, voter ID law critics seek out the unregistered

As legal challenges to voter identification laws slowly wind their way through the courts, opponents of the controversial measures aren’t just sitting around waiting for judicial relief. | 10/01/12 00:00:00 By - By Tony Pugh

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